1 Big Thing; Trump’s shout-it-out loud strategy

1 Big Thing; Trump's shout-it-out loud strategy 1


Axios' Nicholas Johnston joins First Look for Friday's 1 Big Thing.

78 Comments on "1 Big Thing; Trump’s shout-it-out loud strategy"

  1. You have the right to remain silent.
    Oh, you prefer to admit your crime.
    You have the right to an attorney.
    Oh, you picked Rudy Giuliani.
    Yeah, ok. Never mind!

    • @Logical Conservative yes he absolutely did… you’re either blind or stupid or both… only a fool can’t admit defeat when defeat is at the threshold… Trump is Putin’s puppet, so you are a puppet’s puppet… illogic has become the new logic apparently.

    • @Logical Conservative Allan is right. It is right there – on film. It’s a dream come true for those investigating. Don’t blame us having a pop at you if you refuse to watch it or accept it. Stick to Fox News. By the way, how’s it going over there now Shep is gone. Did you watch him? Or are you a Tuck and Hannity kind of person?

    • Too funny, love this, please pass it on 😆

    • Logical Conservative | October 18, 2019 at 12:15 PM | Reply

      @Muttley You mean like how Joe Biden admitted, in grand detail, on video, to having committed extortion to protect his son? “It’s a dream come true for those investigating.”

    • Wilhelm Sallsten | October 18, 2019 at 12:35 PM | Reply

      the right to remain silent…in Trumps case I wish he would.

  2. Does ALL the world leaders know that there are BEDBUGS @ Trump Doral Resort?…………….LOL

  3. TheSquad plus1 | October 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM | Reply

    Rogue government with an imbecilic, illegitimate leader… Impeach Indict Imprison.

  4. VAGA Official TV | October 18, 2019 at 9:02 AM | Reply

    Trump is a danger to the Planet 🌎 not only people ..but the animals ,oceans ,mountains etc 👉he do not believe in climate change..

    • looes74 looes74 | October 18, 2019 at 12:03 PM | Reply

      @Haywire Infinity That was british’s act. More like Canada’s act. Canadians……..save USA by invading USA…….hahahahaha

    • Haywire Infinity | October 18, 2019 at 12:17 PM | Reply

      @looes74 looes74 Don’t underestimate Canada. You did that before and the WH got burned. 🤪 We may have a smaller military but we’re smarter and better trained. With Britain backing us up, we’re a force to be reckoned with. Bigger doesn’t mean better. Smarter and better trained equals better.

    • looes74 looes74 | October 18, 2019 at 12:24 PM | Reply

      @Haywire Infinity Fully agree with you. I am calling canadians to do humanity a favour by invading USA

  5. Prediction:

    3 more “confessions” will come out of the White House before Friday ends. And Republican supporters will say “what’s the big deal” after each one.

    3 more confessions, Im calling it

  6. Michael Marceau | October 18, 2019 at 9:04 AM | Reply

    So ignorance and stupidity are now called strategies? I have to make a call to my teachers!!!!

  7. 🇬🇧 Doesn’t look like there is much enthusiasm in the crowd behind Trump.

  8. What’s the difference MAGA hat and KKK hood? One is made in China.

  9. Anthony Martinez | October 18, 2019 at 9:09 AM | Reply

    Trump should be in prison for doing the wrong disrespectful ideas . It’s it was non Rich Man. They be in jailed.

  10. “Strategy” is a strong word.

  11. Yesterday Noah said that Democrats need to “make the case.” Well, how do you make the case when facts don’t matter and this administration can’t be held to account for what they do or say?

  12. So, if I rob a bank while yelling “I am robbing this bank, get over it” , it OK. Wow, free money 💰

    • This is the biggest whining I’ve ever witnessed. The truth is out there. And agrees with facts. Deflection is today’s biggest defence. PEACE

    • “Damm! Good point!”

    • @Deen Truth says the whining snowflake apolgizer whose only capability is to deflect and spew “alternative” facts.

    • @EC Marks name one alternative fact.

    • @Deen Truth The truth IS out there. Mick Mulvaney admitted it from the White House floor yesterday.

      And it’s happening right before your eyes. Trump’s gift to Putin in Syria not only abandoned one of the few (if only) allies in the region, he literally insulted them while Turkey’s bombs were being dropped on their heads… and to add icing on Russia’s cake with that single move he paved the way for Putin, Turkey and Iran to take control.

      You don’t have to look for that truth (it’s slapping everyone in the face)… but you do have to bury your head to pretend it doesn’t exist.

  13. Trump and his followers don’t care for the USA but for themselves and their wealth!

  14. “Lock them up!” All the Presidency Men. All the Republican Senators should be voted out for cowardice and betrayal of their Oaths of Office. Let’s get our Republic back.

  15. When you show a trump rallies, show the empty seats and the protesters

  16. Mulvaney: “But I don’t want to go to prison.” Dems : “Get over it.”

  17. “Questions” about his using the office to enrich himself? “Questions!!”? Really?

  18. 1,000 Year Beard | October 18, 2019 at 9:48 AM | Reply

    There is nothing appropriate, correct or lawful about this President.

  19. Donald Trump is a Narcissist and he is insane.

    Impeach Donald Trump!

  20. “Yes, I robbed the bank and it was completely appropriate!”
    A jury of idiots: “Well, it must be okay if he admits it.”

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