1 Case of Swine Flu in Jamaica | 2 Men Arrested for Shooting Up Bus #tvjmiddaynews

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    1. i have it right now just as you speak w almost all of the symptoms,thank god it hasn’t triggered my seizure.

  1. Too many idiots with drivers license 🪪 everyone think it can’t happen to them , too many people drinking and smoking and driving

  2. A crash caused by negligence or what you call indiscipline is NOT an accident. A car is a deadly weapon. Anyone who causes a death by wreckless driving should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with grievous bodily harm. SMH

  3. If the drivers live throw the full LAW at them and CONFISCATE the vehicles to s point of getting the OWNERS of car responsible for COSTS..

  4. Constitutional Reform:

    Transparency and accountability are required for the reform of the constitution in our country.

    Is the committee reflective of the interests and diverse nature of our society?

    Consultation involving the public should be from day 1 and ongoing for such an important reform.

    If there is nothing to hide, then publish the agenda and minutes of meetings as we go along in the news media or other outlets.

    This reform of the constitution affects the rights and interests of all the people, not a

    1. That is not enough, on till after the first warning…people must loose there Drivers license. …but too much talking and no action. ..it just doesn’t make sense

  5. Indiscipline indeed!!
    Sorry for the death of the innocent ones! Should be the indisciplined driver alone!!!

  6. Been treating a viral illness myself and couple other people and kids complaining the for months and now you find the virus causing it MOH should be ashamed

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