1 Dead, 3 Missing After Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction In New Orleans Collapsed | MSNBC

1 Dead, 3 Missing After Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction In New Orleans Collapsed | MSNBC 1


One person has been killed, three are unaccounted for, and 18 were taken to hospitals after a Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed. Debris has fallen onto surrounding streets and the building appears to be unstable.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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1 Dead, 3 Missing After Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction In New Orleans Collapsed | MSNBC

78 Comments on "1 Dead, 3 Missing After Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction In New Orleans Collapsed | MSNBC"

  1. I will not be reserving a room here. They will probably need to super glue and duct tape the bits and pieces together to meet the deadline.

  2. Someone has some explaining to do….

  3. That construction firm is officially out of business

  4. There was a construction worker that fell through the ceiling and broke his leg this morning at the hard rock in Hollywood Florida

  5. My cousin help build multiple hotels in Vagas he told me they wouldn’t pass a real inspection. They pay off everyone…

    • I call BS. I am in commercial construction. Vegas actually is pretty hard to pass inspection. They overbuild structures because of heat and cold. It isn’t worth Vegas to allow bad buildings to go up because it will hurt there bottom line if something happens.

    • @Robert Ellison No they hire a private inspector to pre inspection. That is what I do. I am usually harder than the actual county or state inspectors are. Normally you don’t want someone like me if you are scared of inspecting, because I save my reports. If something happens down the road and they didn’t address the issue they are screwed.

    • Monte Carlo?

    • Yeah, you skeptics are right. The Teamsters are a good bunch of fellas who are unfairly maligned. The Mob is out of Vegas and really weren’t they just a bunch of good fellas who were maligned for just being Italian and looking cool? They never exploited the weak or murdered! And US companies never ever payoff regulators! That is just more baseless conspiracy theory! And real DC insider politicians are honest and decent. This hotel collapse was obviously all Trump’s fault. Why, Trump probably had Manafort set explosives off in it to distract from his impeachment and to malign Mexican construction workers! Oh, and racism. America’s institutional racism brought this fine hotel in Nagin’s Chocolate City down!

      Now sing the new National Anthem with me: “Everything is wonderful for Normies like me! I lack the courage to wake up and seeeeeee the Ugly Truth all around meeeeeee!”

  6. I can really see why regulations are needed

    • @Roger didit aww.. how does it feel to know we are locked and loaded just itching for you too start a civil war already?

    • @Banned B!!!! I’M READY. You know Trump supporters are big 2nd Amendment devotees! Middle America DREAMS of Anti-fa coming to our cities! Our young men are getting tired shooting at stumps. They want to give liberals some stumps! Don’t you ever notice that when blacks torch their neighborhood, they NEVER come to white areas? There’s millions of MAGA worshipers just waiting for a riot to break out.

    • Edie King : And, we just missed Infrastructure Week. Darn . . . Was this a Trump Hotel? Sounds like one? 🤔

    • @Daniel Apfelkuchen Great post! More people need to watch it. THOUSANDS more.

    • @Roger didit
      You display the level of brain that can be expected from a republican, which is of course no brain.
      Republicans will quickly blame democrats just like the draft dodging coward always does. All republicans look up to be the same type of coward as their dear leader.

  7. Tequila D'killa | October 12, 2019 at 2:35 PM | Reply

    Someone is in BIG trouble!

    • surely he is gonna blame putin or maduro or china or iran and the problem will be solved!!! is the american way!!! #maga

  8. Looks like it was made of Legos.

  9. That left crane looks like it’s ready to go too.

  10. Connection Lost | October 12, 2019 at 2:41 PM | Reply

    This is now a demolition project

    • Such a construction should have Nationwide mandated surveillance of these buildings from the external viewpoint of some buildings opposite. To look for any wrong doing, criminal theft or deliberate/accidental damage. If the workers were aware of this and knew this it would cut down on on-site material theft and reducing unsafe practices.

      They have hard disk storage that can take weeks of such recordings. It would capture any collapses, with scrutiny helping to prevent such occurrences again, and pinpointing the cause of the collapse, rather than relying on some random guy in the street with a recording that extends to just 8 secs or so.

      The reduction in insurance premium would go towards paying for renting Office space or someone’s apartment window being utilised for a CCTV set up, or have it all on wifi, direct to some server somewhere out the way, with no need to then bother the occupant other than at the end removing the equipment. WE have the technology to do this these days, for a small outlay it has great benefits. So where is the external video of this?.

      Again another case of near-sighted and Skinflint Americans just not doing what is clearly needed. Trying to save a small amount of bucks, a fraction or a $100m or so project. (Costs being top secret, but we are told “higher than the earlier $70 million proposal”).

      Far too much of a Tightwad for their own good. Their emergency services, Policing and Firefighting (esp forest fires) needing much more finances, but the individual tightwad doesn’t want to pay, trying to save a few bucks for their own self interests. It’ll be their downfall.

    • Plot twist: most of the materials was stolen for the border wall…

  11. Corruption –> Collapse

  12. Connor Quinn-Ray | October 12, 2019 at 2:42 PM | Reply

    this looks like a call of duty map…

  13. Hi, Phil Swift here with Flex Tape! The super-strong waterproof tape ! That can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair!

    Woah thats alot of damage, but no worries with Flex Tape even the biggest problems are remedied quickly and easy!

  14. that looked like a bit of a messy build to begin with…

    • Did u see it from the beginning? All collapses look messy.

    • exactly my thought!

    • My thoughts exactly. WHY are they even building the hotel on the top of that raggedy building. God bless the victims and their families. But this construction company has alot explaining to. Also my question is did they even do a thoroughly inspection? The city officials in New Orleans have alot explaining to do and the construction company as well.

  15. Cutting corners on saftey and building codes for profits result in deaths and this mess. Hopefully this construction company and the owners get fined into bankruptcy and jailed. And who ever was the quality control inspectors for the city get charged as well.

    • With a corrupt president and equally corrupt Congressmen/Senators who accept “politic donations” from corporations, the people will always bear the brunt of the damage while they continue to exploit us

  16. This is why scaling back regulations is BAD. Trump is MORON…

  17. This is why ‘deregulation’ is a joke! That is why inspections & monitoring are absolutely necessary…as is accountability. Condolences to the lost & injured…

    • No one deregulates inspections and permitting. Not for long anyway. So easy to get hurt in construction.

    • @Quiet Entropy Actually, they can loosen the rules and not do their jobs…It happens when idiots get positions in the gov and in regulatory offices

    • I figured I would find someone insinuating it was Trumps fault. Lmao!

    • @Jefryt 67 Did I mention Trump? I was pointing at lazy @ss people who wanna skip their responsibilities…and still wanna get paid! I’ve come across too many people who think ‘liberty’ means freedom to be a slacker…Rana Plaza was a building in Bangladesh that illegally housed a factory – it collapsed, killing over 1000 people, mostly workers. The owners bribed regulators to look the other way, and it was not built to code…The Minneapolis bridge collapse…the structure was not inspected before jackhammers were brought in to work on it. Completely preventable tragedies…

    • @Fahim Ahmad my apologies then.

  18. Joseph friedrich | October 12, 2019 at 3:11 PM | Reply

    1 dead
    3 missing
    2 reporters cut off

  19. Mathieu Gélinas | October 12, 2019 at 4:57 PM | Reply

    How does this happen in a first world country in 2019?

    • Henry Coats # Wrong- it is bad american quality steel. You just cannot afford any more German or Chinese steel, because of your Trump. Tough luck

    • Mark Mcdermott | October 13, 2019 at 9:20 AM | Reply

      Deeanna Coy is there a union Ironworkers local down there?? I’m from Pittsburgh, local #3. Ironworkers, hate to see this.

    • trainwreck told ya | October 13, 2019 at 11:53 AM | Reply

      Lowest bidders

    • Bill Lumbergh you’re wrong. At least with large GC’s, all workers on site must be legally allowed to work in the US and majority percentage of materials used must be USA made

  20. On the bright side, it’s a blessing this collapsed before it was completed. Think of all the people that could’ve been killed if this happened when it was operational.

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