1. @J Jasper This is not about America. I knew Americans were egotists, but you take it to another level. By the way, Canada never has mass shootings.

    1. @Logan What makes you think having a handgun would save your life against a mad man with a knife?

      Are you always going to have a gun holstered at your side with one in the chamber? Are you going to constantly scan the room for threats ready to shoot the first time someone startles you with a sudden movement?

    1. @Dan N Justin Norton is talking about Crime Scene Investigators that have to be at and investigate the crime scene.. The RCMP has them too. You’re talking about something completely different. It’s nothing to do with Canada’s security.

  1. I don’t believe his brother killed him. I believe that his own people from the reserve where he’s from killed him. Vigilantly justice. How can his brother kill him when he was more than 200 kilometres away? Obviously the younger brother was a bushwhacker who probably didn’t like cities. Which is why the younger one stayed and the older one took off leaving the younger one vulnerable to attacks and vigilante justice. That’s my common sense. The older wouldn’t come a long way to back his younger bro up and then kill him after that. It makes no sense. The younger one was killed by other people from the reservation in retaliation for what the brothers did. Yes. Now it makes sense.

  2. The reference to drugs doesn’t mean these two were involved in the drug trade. It means there’s a lot of depression/despair on native reserves and drugs and alcohol are very common because it. That in turn of course cause all kinds social problems.

    1. @L Rodriguez ROFL I doubt you’ve ever set foot in Canada and we would prefer that it stays that way. Secondly, I hear about mass killings daily in the US. This is rare here. We don’t need guns because we don’t have to defend ourselves against them. Plenty of Canadians own guns for hunting, shooting sports etc and they store them responsibly. They couldn’t get them out fast enough to avoid a blade that is already in killing range and I doubt you could with your conceal and carry either. Use your own logic and ignore the propaganda.

    2. I heard the brothers grew up in two dysfunctional households. They were tossed between their grandparents´ and their father´s homes – both places riddled with substance abuse and violence. The kids were neglected and violently abused.

    1. @michelle Nah, for everyone. But this took place on a reserve. Services in rural places are almost always inadequate.

    2. @Desperadox I’m pretty skeptical on Canadian healthcare… it’s concerning how one of the leading causes of death in Canada is assisted suicidd

  3. I know Damien him and his girlfriend used to stop at our parking lot which is truck stops for days in the city of Saskatoon. The last time he came around he said to me his girlfriend left him.

    1. @Paul Leverton Maybe he was cause he kind of look gentle to be honest,again,i don’t know him too well to ascertain that

    2. @Paul Leverton And the news from the police is kind of confusing, not sure where and how they found him and what makes them came to conclusions he was killed by his brother and why they thought the on the run brother may be injured….Just sad that innocent people have to suffer because of 2 deranged brothers

  4. Both my native step brothers, were murdered in retaliation, by other natives, in separate incidents.. Kevin was shot in the face with a shotgun after he was beat to death.. Adrian years later was burned tied to a chair…
    Reservations can be violent places.

    1. I find it hard to believe you. Yes, there are acts of violence but Native American reserves are not generally violent. Unless you would like to add to your comment the fact that thousands of first nationals have been raped and gone missing which has roots in racism. Employees of the drilling companies do it but are protected by corporate cash. It’s ethnic cleaning. And your story smacks of an attempt to put distrust in those communities for that reason. These stabbers are not FN’s. They have likely been paid to do this probably by weapon companies to try and market the idea that people need guns to protect themselves. Either that or just blatant racism.

    2. In the USA, it is common to see communities turn against themselves. Whether it is drugs, mental heath issues or some other reason, it does happen. Regardless of the reason, people who are dangerous must be taken away from the general population.

  5. I’ve been ‘invading’ myself with harmful illegal drugs for my entire adult life but I’ve never gone on a kill crazy murder spree.
    I once forgot to pay for some shopping – but went back apologized and paid when I realized.
    They said the self service counters had been playing up and thanked me for my honesty.
    I just didn’t want banning from the nearest supermarket.

  6. To be clear, the members of this reserve were harbouring Myles, a fugitive, for months and did not turn him in to the RCMP. They certainly didn’t deserve to die, but they are not innocent in all of this either. It’s a very small reserve, it’s not like they didn’t know he was there, and they should take responsibility for that.

    1. @Jake Super not really. if calvin said ‘they had it coming’ then, yeah, maybe. he stated a very real fact that played a huge part in how this developed.

  7. Ban knifes ! Did the police check all the liquor stores in Saskatchewan? He could be passed out drunk in the back alley. I’ll be money on that.

  8. Like a horror story. Thinking about all the victims and victims´ family and friends. Also thoughts to the community where people must be terrified.
    I hope the perpetrator is caught very, very soon!

  9. honestly, this should resonate with people more when thinking/speaking of the gun debate in the US. people who want to harm will ALWAYS find a way. you always have to figure out the conditions that spawn this kind of thing and address it

    1. This is a dumb take. Most gun deaths are not caused by dedicated murderers. They are suicides, accidents, and crimes of passion or opportunity. Easy access to guns means more gun deaths.
      Also, it is simply FAR easier to kill with a gun, especially a high-powered rifle, than with a knife.
      Lastly, the vast majority of mass murderers act alone. This pair were as deadly as they were because they were a pair.

    2. @zammmerjammer Using suicide to argue for banning X gun is just as ilogical.
      High powered rifle is an intentional misrepresentation of facts as it is used to apply to every rifle, despite if it uses hunting amunition or not. And ‘easier to kill’ is situational.
      Many of the high profile mass murderers did not act alone, and the majority of mass murders are committed by teams, as many of them are gang violence with at least a getaway driver if not other gunmen/women.

    3. @denvera1g1
      1: what percentage of high profile mass murders are not committed by only one person?
      2: what percentage of mass murders are committed by teams?
      3: what percentage of them are because of gang violence?

  10. Sometimes you wish the victims could of brought a gun to this knife fight… please bring peace to the families who have lost there loved ones…🇨🇦🇺🇸

    1. yep but self defense with guns is basically illegal in Canada. its illegal to carry a pistol

  11. you’ve reverted back to the medieval times of sword fighting. now any strong person can victimize the weak with a knife, their bare hands or whatever and the victim has no effective tools for self defense. if those dudes were walking around my neighborhood shooting people, several of us would have our AR15’s ready to shoot the bad guy. it certainly wouldn’t have lasted days… what sheep cant seem to understand is that guns make you equal to the criminal in terms of power, it doesnt matter how strong they are, a bullet will go through them.
    some little 80 year old grandma in a wheelchair can use a gun to defend herself from the strongest guy on earth. if she has a knife and he has a knife though, she has very low odds of survival. even if both had guns, there are plenty of situations of criminals pointing guns at people then the victim pulls their own guns and gives the bad guy a dirt nap forever

  12. If you want to have your own community then govern it better and don’t blame the problems of a few of your bad citizens killing innocent individuals then atleast have the decency to blame those individuals their parents and your community not drugs, if there problems were drug involved then that’s a community problem as well as a parenting issue as well as an individual problem, drugs don’t go into people on their own the same as triggers don’t pull themselves

  13. And no way for anyone to defend themselves. They took away everyones firearms and now this is supposed to be a better alternative?

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