118th Congress to be sworn in, both parties will have slim majorities with split control | USA TODAY

Without full Democratic control in both chambers, the Biden administration could face some uphill battles, like Republican legislation and possible investigations.
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  1. I ask Congress to study the materials in the film of the investigation of Nadezhda Savchenko – Ukrainian Lives Matter !!!

    This is a film about biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

    The film can be seen on YouTube. It is also necessary to start investigating deliveries to Ukraine.

    Special Agent

  2. Given the results of the midterms, I think it would be best for the Democrats if President Biden announced within the 1st few of months of 2023 that he’s not seeking a 2nd term, which would give the Democrats time to find someone who’s younger & possibly more Progressive to win the nomination then the Presidency in 2024.

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