1. Hey Chris, does worst fake news journalist (next to you) of the year at failing ratings cnn Don Lemon let you smell his finger?

    2. Fernando Queiroz Popovic Trump wont be going out of office. He will be your president for another four plus years.

    1. doesn’t take much to stir CNN. Anything Trump will do it. Maybe after 2025 when he’s gone, they’ll follow him to Florida in the desperate hope they won’t go out of business.

    1. Ron S independent news sources and do your own research using multiple different reliable sources not just a couple sources that are biased. You can find any answer you want to be true as long as you look at biased sources. Don’t look for the answer you want to hear look for the answer that is true

    2. @Alex C If Nixon would’ve had Comey and Brennan doing his -spying- Investigating for him, he wouldn’t of had to resign.

    3. Ron S the fact you just said “who else should we believe, fox news or trump” is obvious that you only listen to liberal media and do independent research yourself…….typical of brainwashed liberals though…..just a bunch of sheep

    1. The “wherever you go, there you are” part? That’s mostly a joke. The timeline is right. I guess you could say it hadn’t felt like years but that’s subjective. So what “first statement” are you talking about?

  1. I have a great suggestion for Democrats in the US Congress to immigrate to Iran because it has everything you need.

    1. You mean when they first started screaming impeachment ,

      First impeachment vote. 1/17/19
      Trumps first call to Ukraine. 1/25/19

      But the CNN fake news junkies aren’t smart enough to figure it out and to indoctrinated to question it.

    2. Math isn’t this guy’s strong suit. Trump’s impeachment hasn’t been going on nearly long enough. It should have started thr SECOND that he was NOT exonerated by the Mueller report.

    3. August West I’m sure if the impeachment should have happened then it would have. The Democratic party would have taken the shot, given that they impeached him over assumption.

    1. Bonespur is filthy sewage. His supporters like you are vile. Do you have a rich dad that can pay off a doctor to keep you out of the military because of fake bonespurs?

    1. @August West – You need help. Seriously … find a therapist.

      There’s a reason that Fox dominates in cable news and why CNN’s ratings are in the toilet.

    1. RA I’m pretty sure most welfare recipients are Democrats and the republicans are the ones trying to get rid of it. A little research doesn’t hurt

    2. @Steven Sweeden – You’re a self hating embarrassment! I’ll bet your ancestors very often roll in their graves from embarrassment!

  2. The cnn impeachment process got the war with Iran that it wanted.

    Good luck with the recruitment process, cnn.

    You’re on your own.

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