14 NDP members in New Brunswick defected to the Green Party

The NDP suffered another blow as 14 former provincial candidates in New Brunswick have defected to the Green Party.

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    1. Carol Widerski he left classified documents at his GFs house…she was known to also socialize with bikers. Two serious mistakes of character. You can’t cure stupid.


    1. As a proud New Brunswicker Born in Moncton and Raised in Saint John I do Care! I love our Green Party and am proud that more of the left is uniting to stop the tyranny that is conservatives and rural new brunswick.

    1. I used like Jagmeet Singh but we need a leader that will stop mass immigration. Jagmeet Singh won’t stop mass immigration but PPC will

  2. Lol none of these guys are even MP’s, why does this even matter? its like saying a party member that’s not been elected or is even in contention to be elected switched sides (and to the green party of parties?)

  3. The NDP base are motivated by straight forward economic social issues. Those are not addressed by a vain, flashy, leader who is more interested in self righteous pronouncements and condemnations than attending to the traditional business of the NDP, who are now hard to distinguish from the Liberal party (right down to the vain, virtue signaling, leader). Compare that to Jack Layton or Tom Mulcair’s leadership. No wonder they are collapsing.

    1. Way to show you don’t understand Canadian politics. The NDP under Mulcair and the NDP under Layton are distinctly different, with Mulcair’s version being closer to the center (and therefore closer to the Liberals) than Layton’s version which was decidedly left-wing much like Singh’s version of the party. Try reading the actual platform and policy suggestions instead of simply making things up.

    1. I used to like Jagmeet Singh but he won’t do anything to stop mass immigration!! We need a leader to stop mass immigration and PPC is the only candidate that will do this!

  4. Absolutely hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Singh is a joke. Wants to cripple Alberta and buy oil from foreigners.

  5. Conservatives have my vote unless the ppc can show serious chance at getting the vote otherwise they will end up splitting it and the libs will walk away with it again

  6. It is wonderful too see this Marxist party bleeding out.
    Guess who else is bleeding out very soon. You guessed it the Liberals

    Even better still the PPC is gaining traction fast despite all the efforts to slander.

  7. The Liberals and NDP are lead by preening peacocks…
    The Greens have pledged their support for the stupid peacocks…
    And the Conservatives need a focus group to figure out the meaning of my post…
    That is why I’m voting…

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