15-foot-long python stretches across two lanes on Florida roadway | USA TODAY

A 15-foot-long Burmese python was captured crossing the road in Everglades National Park in Florida.
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    1. The ‘invasion’ was mostly a result of escapes from a research facility not a pet breeding facility, that got destroyed by a hurricane, you can come down off that high horse now πŸ˜‰

    2. @Barjee There are Florida python sightings going back to June 14, 1937 when Pensacola News Journal articles report about one lost from a circus. The exotic animal trade has been more prolific and persisted longer than animal research. The opportunities for escapes and pet owner releases much greater. It is well established that pet places sell cute exotic animals to uninformed buyers then they grow too big or require too much care and the owners release them in the wild.

    3. @Barjee Other Florida invasive species due to pet release/escape: TEGU, IGUANAS, PLECOSTAMUS…

  1. Wow just when you’re having a regular day on the road driving and then all of a sudden you come across a python

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