1. Despicable!!! Absolutely horrible .. who shoots up a funeral .. there is a special place in hell for people that do these types of things ..

    1. @Kay should white people just put supremacists as their last name and white as their first and maybe privileged as their middle and four their initials instead of W.P.S. they should put K.K.K. I’m just keeping it real cause all white people are racist, supremacist, and privileged. Instead of cops harassing us, it’ll just be black people with guns to make it equal.

    2. This is ALL the Democrats fault. Trump gives people jobs. Democrats take the jobs away. CNN is swamp journalism.

    3. @Todd Morningstar I agree with you about analysing both sides, however once you do the leftist always comes up short on facts and figures! Chicago in particular has been corrupt for 100 years mostly by the Democrats! They gain power from the unions first, then from the race baiting, clearly the Democrats have done nothing for black people in Chicago and only raped the white people for taxes!

  2. So wait the parents of the 3 Year old little girl that got shot “won’t” cooperate with the police … Wtf ?? Why would you not want help finding the people that shot your child and could’ve killed her .. either they’re afraid of who did it or they’re not very smart ..

    1. @Finn The Human Boy you white people are really out of touch. Obviously, they fear the thugs retribution if they cooperate. This ain’t Mayberry.

    2. @Rabbit Skipper Ya to bad BLM and Antifa coerced Scumbag DemRats to stand down the police . Now what you gunna do ? No cop will stick his neck out now and I don’t blame them . All over one Scumbag George Floyd . Better arm up if you know what’s good for you . Good luck you’re gunna need it .

    3. President Trump to the rescue!!
      BLM Marxists will b BM’d down the toilet, and hood gangs will b banging iron bars!!!

  3. In Chicago, when they say *VICTIMS* are not “cooperating” with police, it means that the victims have no clue who assaulted them! That translates to the Chicago Puhleece that they are refusing to tell

    1. All Americans are victims of Guns but they don’t know, America is the only place in the world that had a number of school shootings even, mass shootings etc

    2. @N Xarigow were the only place in the world that tells a group of people to watch out for the boogeyman and that their life is predetermined. In reality no one cares how u look anymore, they care what you DO. But that doesn’t get u democrats votes

  4. How about you talk to people that actually live around the violence but don’t participate in it! Quit talking to people that have no clue

    1. Perhaps the fact that people who’s 3 year old daughter was shot refuse to help is indicative of why they don’t talk to people around there.

    2. @jdnb86 perhaps shes more scared of helping the police. Dont you understand how gangs and intimidation work?.

    3. President Trump to the rescue!!
      BLM Marxists will b BM’d down the toilet, and hood gangs will b banging iron bars!!!

    1. @Maureen Awty You blame Trump for problems in a 100% Democrat city?? No Republican cities have a big crime problem. Maybe you should blame the Democrats.

    2. Rob Perry CNN don’t care, CNN is one of the reasons the murder rate has gone up in Chicago and NYC

    1. I heard a guy on the radio this morning he said the msm is busy trying to find a way to spin it they would have something by the afternoon. He was right

    1. That describes 99.9% of Russians. The “Boss” is robbing them blind and moving billions into foreign banks and foreign investments each year. Putin is a greedy dictator. So is Trump, the moron Putin bought through Deutsche Bank’s “Buy Your Own Criminal President” loan program. (Not a good investment, Vlad!)

  5. Seems like these mayors want the power of their respective offices, but no accountability. Do your effing job and consider the masses and not the fringe.

    1. Let me guess this is trumps fault, it cannnnt be because its run by dems and a lady that wants to defund the police

    2. @AMG BOYZ really because without them we would be knocked off the face of the earth by the middle eastern people

  6. “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire. The Year 2020: Disease, Disorder and Disaster.” Future Moscow Times bestseller

    1. Chicago needs to do better on disbanding the “streets” , and not let their people get swayed into such ridiculous violence ,while ignoring the real issue and pointing at Trump.

  7. I am all for people beating up groups like antifa in Portland ! When. Having a bad day I just YouTube antifa gets beat up 🥰

  8. The city is in complete breakdown the mayor wants to defund the police . Can you imagine how it will be when that happens?

    1. Whether u defund police or not still gon be the same.
      U gotta start from the root..shut down all guns factories.
      Create more good paying jobs in those communities.Put in place a lot
      Of after school programs to keep the youth busy so they don’t wonder on the streets so often.
      U will see a big difference

    2. @Th B Really? So shut down gun factories? Then when organized crime ships them over which they already do all guns will be in the hands of criminals only oh and the fantastic government that people trust so much… Are you out of your mind? It’s not hard to clamp down on this all you need is mayor who gives a damn…

  9. Where’s BLM at a time like this? Why don’t they protest the politicians that enact the policies that let gun violence continue in Chicago?

    1. @midas mixuk BREAKING NEWS- According to MSNBC an anonymous source says “Trump does nothing due to having dementia”.

    2. President Trump to the rescue!!
      BLM Marxists will b BM’d down the toilet, and hood gangs will b banging iron bars!!!

    3. @Sean Dring good point, Illinois has particularly strict gun laws. So…. You know. Fewer good guys with guns. That’s how that works, genius.

  10. I’ll tell you why this is happening, in Chicago, police are being told to stop enforcing the law.

  11. I’m really confused, first off according to BLM and the left only cops kill and second Chicago has strict gun laws. So if the left is right why did this occur? 🤔

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