15 Shot in Less Than 24hrs in Jamaica | Robberies on the Increase | TVJ Midday News

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  1. What a laugh😢🤬this man don’t know that we have eyes to see and lips to tell,why is statistics we can only get from the jackets and ties deadbeat leaders sitting and reading that can solve nothing security ministers

    1. Do you really believe that a change in personnel is going to address the Crime problem ? Crime is a symptom of a major problem that Jam has.

  2. Until the law inforcement take these gun crimes seriously and go in and route out these gunmen from the community,then these mindless violence is not going to end, meanwhile the law abiding citizens of these communities will continue to fear for their lives while living under a state of siege.

    1. All these calamities that are going on aground the world is going to lead to a Sunday law which will be the MARK of The BEAST, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be persecuted and prohibited from buying and selling, Jesus is coming soon.

  3. This is too much Jamaica 🇯🇲 need on intervention seriously and the government needs a crime plan this is just my too cents

  4. That is almost one shot every hour! the Commissioner and the Minister of insecurity must go now! it can’t go on like this, seizing guns while the criminals are still out there only to get or buy more guns kmt. I keep telling them to hire me as a crime consultant and within 3 months crime would be down to almost zero, I HAVE THE CRIME PLAN!

  5. The Jamaican politicians is the primary cause of the high crime in Jamaican ,the lawyers and Judged,think about it the kind of weapons that the gum man have is not easy to be purchase, but the gun man in his slippers and short pants swinging high powered weapon.

    1. @juliet gardiner all the people them are asking for is to living in peace and the pm doesn’t see that ??

  6. JAMAICAN JOURNALIST DO YOUR JOB – Ask the JA Government what are they doing with all illegal guns that is removed from the streets, & is cleared to be used as evidence in court cases? Why don’t they destroy them & video tape them being destroyed & show it to the people of Jamaica? to restore some psychological confidence in the JA society.

    1. Don’t be too concerned. Next election the prime minister will again promised that we will be able to sleep with our doors open, and every body will believe him.

  7. True ting, but because of the BAD ROADS a country, I stopped trying to go. Knowing foreigners impact on the local economy, the bad roads saddens me. A lot.

  8. Every time dem asking people living in the diaspora to come home, come home to what? I live in a secular county where farm produce and baked goods are left out on the side of the Road, people are expected to take goods and leave the money. Imagine this happening in Jamaican a murderous and tiefing nation.

  9. Here listening to Chang and wondering if the politicians whom are guily of issuing some of these guns, at any given time ever thought to themselves “what have I done”? Mi a wonda if dem conscience nah botha dem

  10. What the people of Jamaican waiting on to demands police commissioner and security minister must go immediately

    1. trust mi yhe leaders them dnt care to me because nobody fi them naa desd cnt tek them they dnt carr about people who is them🔥

  11. 15 shot in Jamaica, 10 was stabbed to dead and 23 injured in Saskatchewan Canada, 28 murders in Chicago and 3 chopped to death in London, I guess Jamaica is not doing too badly

  12. You cannot control bad mind people, you can take ALL the guns away, if a person wants to be sinister they will no matter what tool they use!! You have to change the mindset of people to do better and the police and politicians dem can’t do that, that has to start in the home and in the community. Take blame for your own actions and be accountable!

  13. We cannot fight crime …the country needs love and care….not armed justice servers only….because the strategy or the outcome will be the same killing ….most of our youth who have these guns are sad children who was never brought up with love or care ….its sad they experience only a weapon for their closest partner or friend ….this needs to be paid attention to …

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