2-year-old attacked by coyote in Vancouver's Stanley Park 1

2-year-old attacked by coyote in Vancouver’s Stanley Park


A two-year-old is recovering after being hospitalized following the latest coyote attack in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

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  1. Don’t want to disappoint you yuppies. But that animal in the video. Wasn’t a Coyote, looked more like a Coy-Dog. And THAT is a problem.

  2. If only there were an agency that worked with wild animals………….. We have to just start firing public officials….

    1. @Tony Bjornson The parks never used to be “the wild”. They are become more wild … only because what used to be called Animal Control in cities, is now in reality the “Animal Rights” Office.

    2. They were rubbing themselves Iin BBQ sauce and liquid smoke.

      What the hell do you think they were doing?

  3. Coyotes are the most adaptable animal in North America. They live and survive in EVERY MAJOR city in North America.
    They can regulate the size of their litters to maintain their population.

    1. @TheMathKing Build yourself an outdoor Catio enclosure. Cats need out door time, fresh air, sunshine, entertainment, exercise and stimulation. How would you like to be cooped up in a house all the time.

  4. The Vancouver Park Board has cut back garbage paper pickers jobs to the point where I don’t even think they’ve brought back any this summer.

  5. Just let the homeless move back in to the park, That should fix the problem.

  6. If only that 2 year old had been packing he could have defended himself..

    Speedy recovery little bruh

  7. I think wildlife is having less territory in numbers for hunting and spaces to live
    I live in a town where pretty much every night you hear coyotes howl all around town sounds like one is surrounded by them in some cases only 150 feet away if not closer
    It makes one think what is out there for them to eat specially with very hot dry summer we have nevermind the cold winters
    So much wilderness is being taken by wildfires that take away thier hunting to sustainable eating habits they rely on
    Nature in whole is off balance
    One needs to stay safe be vigilant as wild life does on keeping safe

  8. Hopefully one of those coyotes don’t bite a junkie, cause then there will be hell to pay… And the coyote will need multiple shots…

  9. maybe if we didn’t clear cut their whole habitats they would still be in the woods

    1. There’s lots of woods. The coyotes are in cities because our cities stopped trapping and euthanizing them in urban areas.

  10. just open the trapping and hunting.
    the government is so busy hiding their corruption and uselessness they cant even do the most simplest thing.

  11. Maybe taking away the ther homes and removing forests which are there homes instead of blaming wild life habitat

  12. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly
    demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be
    repealed so we can end this once and for all.

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