2020 Democrats Juggle Impeachment And Running For President | Deadline | MSNBC

How the 5 Democratic senators running for president will have to balance time on the campaign trail with being a juror in the Senate impeachment trial. Aired on 12/23/19.
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2020 Democrats Juggle Impeachment And Running For President | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. No one cares about impeachment except CNN and MSNBC and their audience. By the way, where’s Klobuchar’s momentum ????

    1. Plenty of people care about watching CNN and MSNBC. You do and you are not even an American. The impeachment story in our country is real and people are interested.

    2. Abdul, in your world it might be truth. But on planet Earth, most American citizens, that’s 50% plus, do want traitor tRump impeached and removed. And even more want a trial with witnesses like Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, tRump himself, tRudy, and even Bill Barr.
      So, that’s about 180 million Americans, plus billions of people around the world.
      You are full of s**t.

  2. another story MSNBC has over hyped like the impeachment trials wont be on tv. That their vote might not help them with the base. The coverage senators get now already somehow cant outweigh this time. And standing up for your oath is 2nd in anyone’s mind? You really our of touch MSNBC You still the only way to win is on a bus but you give bloomberg credit? No your just making up a story. Your becoming what trump said you were and i dont get why?

  3. They should try being called every name in the book by most news outlets while listening to every other countries problems then endure a small amount of your own country spouting lies about you for political gain the same thing they are tring you for! Trump 2020!

  4. From Australia since the run up of the 2016 election; what has been revealed to me more than anything else? I would have to conclude that it is the existence of a Cultural Marxist, Postmodernists, come, updated socialist, Elitist, ‘Deep State’ within the American Government bureaucracy and their Lackey supporting media. Since 2016, amongst this Deep State their emotions have been so stirred that they have, I think, unwittingly ‘given away the game’, ‘overplayed their hand’ ‘shown their colours’ unintentionally allowing much more light to shine on their presence than usual. How educational this has been for the critical thinking onlookers. In the past it required much for digging to gaze upon this subterranean Deep State but now it is easier to see and many Americans have seen and are disgusted with the ugliness of the sight! A couple of good examples should be Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. The Bible say’s “What fills the heart, the mouth will speak” So the mouth paints what is the heart for all to see and boy do we see the painted canvas of these two people, not a pretty sight! Teza from Sydney Australia

    1. IslamExamined, Is there a room at the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg called Sydney, Australia? Your tRumPutinian talking points are 100% Russian.

    2. Sperup AD Dear Sperup AD, don’t you have a problem! You must know by now that the accusation against Trump leading up to the Mueller report was “Russian Collusion” This was the Dem’s charge and THEIR media (like MSNBC & CNN etc) kept telling us up to the Mueller report that we will soon see all this non-circumstantial evidence. Schiff said on national TV “he had seen this evidence” So, we get the report with the results “No RUSSIAN COLLUSION” that’s none! Then they said “Wait till the Mueller hearing” but then nothing again, zip, nil! Then we get the IG report which showed that the ‘Steele Dossier’ which was a undeniable (proven without a doubt) FAKE, was “Essential and Essential” for opening up the FISC Court spying on the Trump team by the FBI. We also know now (without a doubt) that there was NO IC intelligence info about Collusion between the Trump team and the Russians, that’s NONE! Then recently we get a Published 4 page letter front he FISC Courts Judges throughly rebuking the FBI for basically and , Ilegally, scamming the Court so they could spy on the Trump team. How about impeachment? It was premised on purely ‘water cooler Gossip girl hearsay’, even the so called Whistleblower, after the phone transcript was released, has his facts clearly wrong, shown by his own writing! All he had was, again; Hearsay, nothing more but we have the transcript and it was not what he said it was! Then during this impeachment hearing we got changing of the charges; first “quid pro quo” then they said “extortion” then ‘Bribery and now with the vote changed again! What does all this show? Fishing for a crime when you don’t have one, fishing, fishing fishing, that’s all! It has been all ‘smoke and mirrors’ and those who have believed the Dem’s are the Great Scammers dupes! Teza from Sydney Australia

    3. Thank you…I got Buzzword Bingo with “Postmodernist”!!! I’m surprised you didn’t mention “identity politics”, and “virtue signaling”…two other phrases, people use to attempt to sound profound, and yet, have zero understanding of what they mean.

    4. Oslo Vega Dear Oslo Vega, this was not an attempt to sound profound; it was attempt at describing the Elephant that is in the room, that’s all. For example; consider the squad of four’s telling the American people what changes they want to bring to America, what words describe their declarations? Could the word ‘socialist’ be in the mix of the attempted description? Well, if you know you history; you would find it entirely appropriate to use the ‘socialist’ and indeed the Dem’s are using this term or were you ignorant of this fact? I could go on but this is enough of an example for you. Kind regards, Teza from Sydney Australia

  5. It’s very interesting the RepubliCONS can have a “populist”, radical and revolutionary candidate as pResident to “drain the swamp”, go after big corporate money and shake things up in Washington but that’s NOT OK for the Democrats. And the Shyster In Chief, #BenedictDonald LIED ABOUT ALL OF IT.

  6. Clause 6: Trial of ImpeachmentEdit

    The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

    Clause Six grants to the Senate the sole power to try impeachments and spells out the basic procedures for impeachment trials. The Supreme Court has interpreted this clause to mean that the Senate has exclusive and unreviewable authority to determine what constitutes an adequate impeachment trial.[41] Of the nineteen federal officials formally impeached by the House of Representatives, three resigned (meaning proceedings were dismissed), seven were acquitted, and eight (all judges) were convicted by the Senate. On one occasion (in the case of Senator William Blount in 1797) the Senate declined to hold a trial, asserting that it had no jurisdiction over its own members; in any case, Blount had already been expelled from the Senate.[42]

  7. Pelosi doesn’t know what to do with the fake articles of impeachment…
    Maybe she can say she lost them…
    Or maybe my dog ate them…
    Hurry Dems do something your
    running out of time cuz of your

  8. It sure is difficult to put together a policy platform while working on another coup attempt. I don’t know anyone who votes leftwatic anymore.

  9. This all just a sideshow distraction, from the real structural problems of our government:
    1) The electoral college, 2) plurality voting, w/ spoiler effect, 3) our biased, unbalanced Senate.

  10. I don’t think this will hurt any of the senator’s running positions. Gives them the strongest point of view on the standings of impeachment. As much as I agree we need to lose focus on this impeachment, it’s also a divining rod for who has our best interest, and who will go above all to lie to us.

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