28 painted murals across Phoenix aim to celebrate Black History | USA TODAY

28 painted murals across Phoenix aim to celebrate Black History | USA TODAY 1


    1. I’m going to LMAO when it turns out there are more white descendants of African slaves than black descendants of African slaves.

    2. Why? None of my ancestors owned any slaves. My ancestors did however fight a war to end slavery though. Why should the 99% of taxpayers pay for reparations through taxed money when they nor none of their American ancestors had anything to do with slavery. Also, some of my white Slavic ancestors were held as slaves on the North African Barbary Coast like 1.5 million of other Europeans. Where’s my reparation money from Africa? It was a select few rich American families that owned slaves. Families that are still rich today, ask them for money and stop begging from average folks. Or maybe even try getting a job? lol

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