28-Year-Old Health Care Entrepreneur Receives Global Citizen Prize | MSNBC


    1. @jlocey87 Thank you. I did – and she is. The point was the MSNBC should have made a more informative story of it. Woman – done good – got reward!!!

  1. MSNBCannibal Citizen award goes to .. Andrea ‘chainsaw’ Greenspan .. No no .. Nicole Swicthblade wallace… (Andrea and Nicole get on stage and cat fight each other over the award) Nicole “Give me that thing it’s mine!! ? Andrea “No it’s mine” Nicole “Look you stupid 8bitch it’s mine ” The poor award drops to the floor and breaks to pieces ..

  2. Wow the comments on here resembles the Bully /narcissist in the oval office… Research is amazing and educational…

    1. Global citizenship is the *idea* that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: “humanity”.

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