3 Jamaican Victories at Gateshead Diamond League - July 13 2021 1

3 Jamaican Victories at Gateshead Diamond League – July 13 2021


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    1. Once he gets over all this, he will be back to normal. The pressure is more on Levy and the other two qualifiers. McLeod coming back with a vengeance next season.

    2. @nsn876 first him never get enough rest now him get too much rest lmaooo this funny asl levy get same amount of rest as him excuses

    3. Not fair…they should’ve asked him what time he want the race to start. Once again “they” didn’t give him a fair chance to win the race.

    1. Leve him alone, he is only human. Imagine not being able to defend your title with the second fastest time in the world. While I agree that he should not be given someone else’s spot he should be allowed to feel how he feels. If he decides not to represent JA again uno same one a guh tear him down fi dat tuh. Let the man deal with this how he sees fit. All the name calling I see going on is worse than what he said about the trials.

  1. Elaine’s face always looks relaxed when she’s running, I don’t know how she does it every time.

  2. Let us not start bashing Omar. Congratulations to Levy, good run. Well done also Omar. They are both Jamaicans and the best we have in this event. Omar gave us gold before and we praised him then, let us not bash him now because he may have made some smart comments. We are humans and are all guilty of this. Let us support him and encourage him. We need them both.

    1. Some a dem a chat up dem mouth bout the man and dem cah do weh him a do… .. and dem cah even come close to him success…

    2. He blasted the JAAA on the international media claiming he was being treated unfairly, which is a lie. The man has issues.

    3. @Jerome Brown I am not condoning what he did as wrong is wrong, however, the JAAA has in time past made concession based on the best opportunities for medals, so he has grounds to mumble but still not right.
      All I’m saying is that we all at some point or the other has made indiscretions. Let us not write him off because of it. As a people we are just too ungrateful at times and some of the comments are uncalled for. We cannot only celebrate them when they do good and give us medals. We must also celebrate when they fail and encourage for the next round and in the process teach him good sportsmanship. Our bad handling of him serves no one because we still need him to serve the country.

    4. @Noel Bartley I’m not sure to what you are making reference as what you mentioned regarding rules was not disputed or for that matter a point of discussion, so I’ll advice you to reread for better understanding . Peace

  3. How dem expect di youte fi win when dem use GMT+1 time zone inna England. A nuh fi him fault dat.

  4. A mean looking at it I know omar is disappointed at not being able to defend his title. The pressure is on levy and parchment and co now to bring home a medal. Omar is ranked 5th fastest of all time and he has an olympic and world championship so I think the pressure is on the rest to live up to the expectations. If the accusations about applying for an exemption are true then the jaaa really dropped the ball. They have granted exemptions to lesser athletes. I support all our athletes and I believe the best ones should get a chance to rep the country. That being said there are protocols to follow there is a qualification process and everyone should there fore get a fair chance. I am pretty sure that he could have gotten an exemption based on his world ranking before the championships, if he had valid reasons

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