3 Security Guards Shot, 1 Fatally in Santa Cruz, Jamaica | TVJ News - March 3 2021 1

3 Security Guards Shot, 1 Fatally in Santa Cruz, Jamaica | TVJ News – March 3 2021


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  1. Come now, Jamaican Government. Jamaican is an extremely unsafe place.

    My family and I fled the island 21 years ago. My husband and I had excellent jobs. We’re now building a home there, but how can we return when the crime situation is worse than when we fled?

    1. Listen to me dear stp talk about Jamaica crime worsen because crime is everywhere why u don’t talk about the killings that happen in America and nobody is not found pertaining to those killing things doesn’t happen in Jamaica like that my dear most time is some interaction and mix up cause those killing

  2. The same thing I have been talking about this explosion that cares on bikes is goin around with I think the government should band that thing it’s dangerous the shatter them used it between the gun shot they even frighten drivers on the roads leading to a accident I think the government should ban this people who agreed let me hear u

  3. Oh yes I agree with you, go back to the drawing board minister Andrew Holness. Indicom you are the cause of thousands and many of deaths here in Jamaica. Minister Andrew Holness we the people of Jamaica is calling upon you right now. Stop let the Gunmen’s over throw the country. Please please please

  4. Any time prime minister andrew holness start hang dem criminals yah.
    A different things.
    U will see a decrease

    1. Listen, I have been shouting fe the death penalty from time. from that introduce, and Jamaica invest in proper CCTV, crime will fall drastically

  5. Even if they should put up cameras in the area the gunmen’s are going to make sure they are out

  6. Man in the blue shirt thank u very much for being there for us. It sad cauz if it was a police death or shooting INDECOM would be there on the scene already but tru security is nobody.

  7. The risk security guards have to put their lives in for less than $360 per hour. Smh, Lord we need help!

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