1. Evidently, God has had enough with Puerto Rico.
      This mismanaged, corrupt garbage dump has run out of chances.
      Hopefully, some of the innocent Puerto Ricans will get to safety, before the island sinks to the ocean floor.

    2. @hhhk20 shut up. There are earthquakes and trgedies anywhere near a faultline or coast. Louisiana gets hit by a massive hurricane like all the time.

      You think “god” wants nothing to do with anyone in Louisiana?

      What a simple solution to a complicated problem (this usually means its wrong).

    3. Firghtening Truth, I didn’t read your comment from earlier, but thanks for pointing it out, I understood your explanation very well.
      I understand that the tension and energy needs to be released. I understand that it will take time for this to stop and that what’s happening is normal and part of our nature. I’m frustrated because of everything, I am tired. It had been going on for days and no one gave it enough attention.
      We were told not to worry, to stay calm “ no habrán temblores mucha magnitud que los pongan en riesgo” “la falla no es capaz de provocar una magnitud alta”. I’m only hoping nothing more serious than this will happen.
      And again, thank you for explaining

    1. JUST FYI…Puerto Rico GDP per capita is about 27,300…it is very much a welfare commonwealth. I’m a big believer in states pulling their own weight (there are many FAILED RED states, that California must support, for example…Mississipi, etc). And with Puerto Rico…they are the worst performer, that we all must support. PS: MAKE THEM A STATE, OR CUT THEM LOOSE.
      How blue states support red states: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnVPVd5YXnI


    2. 🙏 Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone. Time we should reflect on our lives and future. May God give salvation to lost lives and those that have survived. May he bring peace, guidance and meet the needs of everyone.

    3. @Alfred Cohen bro you need to shut up you know nothing about the political instability Puerto Rico has been going through years with corruption politicians taking the people money for years there worst then they are in American I’m. Puerto Rican born and rise I can tell you that Trump isn’t the problem it’s the corruption and the gang activity going wild

  1. Please pray for Puerto Rico! I lived there as a child and it was the most idyllic and wonderful part of my memories. Its is a beautiful, gorgeous place. The people are so giving and wonderful. My love to the Puerto Rican people!

    1. @MrSivram28 who ever people want to pray to, whether they’re religious or spiritual or not. Just wish the people to be safe and recover.

    2. @Narata where do you live? I’d love to live there too. We in Fl live with extreme heat, hurricanes etc. Is that because we arent religous that we have to live in these conditions?

    3. @Ness Marroquin have you lived everywhere in AZ? Because my aunt moved there and was sad she had to move back to her home state to take care of sick family. She loved AZ and all the people. There’s junkies everywhere. Every city in America has junkies.

    4. @Ness Marroquin EVERY person you’ve met or talked to down there has said it’s the worst place to live? You’ve not met 1 or 10 ppl that have said it’s nice? Come on. Every state has its problems but to say the whole state is bad?

    1. @Eric Garcia does it really matter? Who cares at least someone has a heart and care for others. Does it matter where they are from?

    1. no, usually its good to have a lot of small quakes as it releases energy in small bursts instead of one big burst(quake)

    1. Laura Strong

      An aftershock is a type of earthquake! But I’m sure the people suffering don’t care what it’s called all they know is the earth is quaking destroying their lives🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. My thoughts and prayers have been with them since the past 4 days.Something must not be working because they’re not helping

    1. if God wasn’t real He wouldn’t have you so pressed. Following your logic, if you don’t believe God is real, you going around fussing about Him is the equivalent of you going around fussing at people for believing in santa claus.

  3. I was on vacation in Puerto Rico in late October and it is such a beautiful place. Wishing everyone the best during yet another disaster.

    1. @Michael Pomales seriously? Trump. You want to blame Trump? How about the DEMOCRATS that run PR? What have they done with the money?? They sure haven’t done anything to help the people of PR. I guess the left always want to blame a man that has NO TIES TO POLITICS and had done more the citizens of this country than the ones in the past. You really believe that the lowest unemployment in the last 50yrs is NObama’s administration? Or the stock market doing so great? Or that North Korea and South Korea have come to a civilized agreement to not bomb each other? How many Military has died under Trumps administration vs NObama and both Bush’s? Please come with facts when you make statements about YOUR President. If you don’t like him and what he has done for this country and dozens others by making them responsible for their part in their own governments then move to those other places. Absolutely ridiculous statement man.

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