5 Life Sentences for Rushane Barnett | Nepotism – ‘He Must be Sanctioned’ – Oct 20 2022


  1. If the Prime Minister can’t fire Minister of security it’s time he resigned,he’s of no use to the country. Crime is getting worse. We are tired of his mediocre person performance.

  2. What he should introduce his sanction and maybe go to prison Jamaican politician are very disgusting all of them none is better than the other

  3. Those criminals that shot and killed the 36yo businessman in hanover. Must be given a harsh prison sentence similar to that of Clarendon murderer Rushane Barnett🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Are these gun men just killing people for fun or is there something going on that some persons don’t know about because every day some one is murdered in Jamaica it’s hard to listen the news

  5. Life sentence is nothing him just ago Nyam tax payers $ and if him can escape he will, also him might just play Don inna prison.

  6. Yesss so happy he got the sentence the way he deserve it
    Justice is being served thank you🙏

  7. The powers to be are quick to say that we will not become like Haiti, we are very close. You can’t operate a business without the fear of being killed. When apprehended the perpetrators will get a couple of years as the judges will feel sorry for them. Who is advocating for the people being murdered, is their lives worth nothing. ? We are a failed state and that’s so tragic.

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