50 Licence Plates Seized | Bunting Blasts Holness | TVJ Midday News – May 27 2022

50 Licence Plates Seized | Bunting Blasts Holness | TVJ Midday News - May 27 2022 1


  1. Yes police take dem away i couldn’t sleep when i visited Jamaica too much noise from the bikes and trucks with their engine breaks.

  2. It is a waste of resources. These vehicles must get an annual fitness certificate… who’s signing those fitness certificates?

  3. Good job to transport minister cleaning up the streets of Jamaica from dangerous drivers keep up the great work OFFICERS licence insurance tax are else no driving the police officers need to start fine people for littering

  4. Garbage disposal there’s an easy solution to fix this problem why not let the citizen be the police to fix the problem let it be a case you see somebody on the street lettering are dumping garbage you take a photo you send it to the authority you get paid the authority charge a person everybody win easy!!!

  5. They need to change the road traffic laws. Find out which inspector passed the cars. And do a rolling parish crackdown on motorists

  6. Put more road sweepers on the streets and more garbage bins, and pay them a good wage . I seldom see any roadsweepers or market cleaners that would make sure the markets are kept clean daily in many of the towns of jamaica, and the only time jamaica get a cleanup is on labour day, that is not right , it should be an everyday thing . . Fine those who toss garbage from their vehicles for littering .

    1. Yes Azariah. They should set up sophisticated hidden cameras everywhere to catch the nasty perpetrators in the act

  7. Thank you for stepping up with traffic laws. Jamaica has too many indisciplined people. That’s why there’s so much killings & road accidents.

    1. They should do these operations every 3 months, no announcement, just by surprise, no exclusion base on where u work, whether u live up town, etcetera

  8. How long can spanish town police station maintain order in the town, We all know this is for show and is a joke. just 2 days ago i saw taxi and bus driving on the sidewalk across the training camp, then i saw a police van got into the lane of oncoming traffic and ran a jutc bus off the road while blowing their horn i thought they were going after the bus and taxi on the side walk but i was of course wrong they prob on their way to Juicy Beef

  9. Government need to develop the country where people can work and get meaningfull results provide the opportunity for people to grow.
    And stop Tek set Pon people who trying to survive

  10. The NHT has been run as a business and has always made good returns. They were formed to serve working Jamaicans who otherwise couldn’t afford a house. Leave it alone.

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