6 New Players named in Reggae Boyz Squad - March 17 2021 1

6 New Players named in Reggae Boyz Squad – March 17 2021


Several regular members of the Reggae Boyz squad will not be traveling to Austria for their international friendly against at the USA on March 25th.

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  1. I hope Whitmore don’t turn him back on our local players’ because these overseas players loyal to their clubs, and the local players loyal to their country..

    1. Don’t you hear them want. 7000usd = 1 million jmd..& change…IN THIS COVID YA…..25 MAN GET 1 MILL PER MATCH….LOL TELL DEM GO PLAY CRICKET

    1. @Dgital Hometech my youth me a watch football probably long before you born, not all footballer going to make it big ask Alan skill Cole and the other. Look at the 98 world cup team where r they now? How are they living. JFF ever try to find out how those guys are doing. Have you ever wondered if JFF doing their services for free, think again my youth. Jff need to sell the program. Other countries sell their team to big company, why we can’t do the same, wake up my youth.

    2. @Mark Chambers bredda you. Shallow on this bro..sponsorship will come with the upgrade of the quality of the team ..and a winning record ..when company sponsor they are investing ..right now them a high risk…lol..

    3. @Dgital Hometech real talk. The players a try extort Jff , them badmind bro. If there’s quality out there , let it get a try. But Jff messes up

    4. @Mark Chambers $2000 for year’s and they ask for $3000 and Jff said no lol you can’t make this up

  2. Jff slow effectiveness cause the local man them not to be involved. 1 week before the game you going to travel. Joke thing. This should be done way before.

  3. Wint and the Rest of the JFF Broad should be fired, they are incapable of doing the job, that is ask of them, they are pathetic!!

    1. It was 7g at first and now 5g the baller them a behave like mercenaries, JFF must get beaten cause them poor at administration still not looking excuse for them

  4. Stop using the word family when all you guys try to do is rep off as much as you can….self benefits…..greed…..nepotism…corruption….there is no future in playing for your Jamaica…unbelievable. Can Jamaica Afford what they are asking for?????????????? There are so many young talent that are here but no one cares.

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