7 Shot, 1 Fatally within 24hrs in Kingston Jamaica – January 31 2021

7 Shot, 1 Fatally within 24hrs in Kingston Jamaica - January 31 2021 1


  1. People need to talk, police are not magicians or psychics. If the shooters are not named by someone or videos not provided what do you expect them to do.

  2. Law enforcement must step up and put their investigators especially in these area that are famous for this type of daring and onging violence by these useless cold blooded murderers. The Soldiers need to come in and clean house.

    1. Then people will complain about civil rights. Soldier would have to bust down every single door with grandma and child in it?

  3. Brogod nu care bout wi is only election alone dem memba we..has long has dem an dem family safe..but those gun will turn on them oneday

    1. Yuh nuh see di man build a fortress to remove him from the ills of the environment they’ve created.

  4. what does the gangs have to do with politics. are they working together that is why the police do nothing. who was in the bar

    1. Jamaica has run on corruption the war started from the pnp & jlp it’s been known that the government was funding the gun men with guns and using them to threaten other political parties promising the gun men they will fix there communities so u never know Edward seaga was the biggest bad man on Road back then you think some “ghetto yute” can afford hi powered rifles and firearms who gets them threw the boarder I can answer that it’s the politician

  5. the gangs run jamaica they can do what they want when they want to who they want. church of god not even safe

  6. The police are human these women have to bring up the kids in the right way and if they cannot then the Government has to take drastic measures

  7. God shall bring every works into the judgement. No fear of God. No fear of covid, and, no fear of police, no fear of the law, poor our little island,, gunmen ur letting us down. People wants to return home to help build the economy., so that u all can find a job., but no the gun is the best. Animals on two feet.

  8. What the heck is going on?? There are so many ppl dying from Covid & these ppl are running around killing ppl.

  9. Police have to build better relationship communities,most crime solve by informants.The Government need stop the corruption & oversea whats going on,like it was their backyard(Cherry Gns).

  10. The police and the government need to do something. What about the parents and guardians. What about home training. A lot of these parents know what is going and is even enjoying the spoils.

  11. STOP THE INFORMA CULTURE!!! Rat them out …. no one is comin to save you….. stand together and start talking to Law enforcement

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