9 key moments for Prince Harry and Meghan 1

9 key moments for Prince Harry and Meghan


Here's a look at nine key moments in Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship, who have been making headlines since their first appearance as a couple in 2017.

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  1. I’m not watching unless they finally talk about Andrew being a creep. So I’m here. Not holding my breath tho. Just swept under a rug

  2. Harry at his bachelor party “Blimey! This note I am stuffing into this G-string has Gran mums face on it! That’s it I’m out!”

  3. When can we as Canadians expect our refund for paying for their security while they were hiding in Canada

    1. Funny thing is Harry is a hypocrite he gets on his little perch and dictates how we should be helping the world and make it more caring and cleaner. Yet his and his wife. Drive around in the Cadillac that uses more greenhouse gases than anything plus their private jet they like using.

  4. Notice he flashes the hidden hand, Masonic gesturing several times & other (hand) gestures…

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