9yr Old Jamaican Girl Going Blind & Needs Help | TVJ News – June 19 2021

There's a saying that "seeing the world through the eyes of a child is the purest joy anyone can experience" but, there's a 9 year old Jamaican child who may lose her sight if she doesn't get critical help.

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    1. @Doop dapps yes God will help her, the amount of money she’ll get will be far more than the surgery cost and he’ll direct the hands of the surgeons.

  1. Mr government give this girl the money for the treatment needed to her eyes so her future can be bright please so much money squander in corruption could do a great deal towards these necessary things. Thank you for helping her in advance.

  2. Keep up hope it had a little girl in my village had this same problem and saw her couple times as church tent meeting she eventually got a pair of glasses and they got corrected.

  3. We know medical need money but prayer is the better solution God isn’t going to come down and help her personally but he will send help to her door. May the help that you need come to your door today in Jesus name.

  4. It’s the tablets. It’s not just her, I have to take my nephew and niece tablet away because they’re using tablets, phones, and laptop for too long. Sometimes their eyes are red and swollen. You have to monitor their time on these devices

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