‘A Dull And Plodding’ Democratic Debate | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Why don’t you slam the moderators instead?? What were they supposed to do?? NOT answer? The debates sucked because the framing of the questions sucked throughout.

    1. No the issue is she herself, on the campaign trail when talking with reporters has been saying the exact same thing, along with saying that Sanders tells his volunteers to bash her when out talking to people. The sad thing is there’s NO EVIDENCE to support these claims. Sander’s campaign clearly states in it’s testing martial for volunteers that they aren’t supposed to even talk about other candidates. Not negatively or in a manner that compares Sanders to them but to focus solely on policy. She should know better and this the type of strategic b******* people are over when it comes to politics. I would like to say that she is smart enough and intelligent enough to know exactly what she’s doing. She’s planting seeds of doubt in the public by smearing Bernie based on pure fabrication. It’s disgusting cause we’re all over it

    2. The debates need to be mediated by some other entity. The main news networks have too much invested in candidates to be trusted to frame valid questions.

    1. @Real Talk76
      There’s also the “Devil You Know” factor. We know what to expect from “Uncle Joe.”

      Also, Biden is the best bet in terms of getting policy to actually pass. No part of Bernie’s platform or Warren’s platform will make it through the Senate, even with a Democrat majority.

      Mayor Pete looks too much like a kid. He’s got a babyface. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good looking guy, and will look like he’s 30 when he’s 50. But today, he looks like he’s about 25. That *shouldn’t* matter, but it does. Americans tend to vote for the tallest or most experienced looking candidate. Buttigieg needs to land a Senate seat and hold it for 8-12 years. Then he’ll be very viable as a candidate. He’ll have the grey hairs and wrinkles around his eyes Americans want, plus experience that can’t be denied.

    2. Warren had a very strong night. Answered all questions directly and was clearly prepared for any attacks. I believe her on the Bernie thing. He was fumbling and jumbling on the subject last night. Don’t think their exchange at the end amounts to anything, tho. Just talking heads making a big deal of it to fill their air time. And of course the trolls go wild. Big surprise, there.

    3. Doesn’t look good for 2020. This is a sorry situation for the country. We’ll have to fix what Donald has broken already and there’s no telling what 4 more years will yield. Smh

    4. @GSh%t 2020 looks great, imo. Every dem candidate beats tRump. Everybody votes, America. No sitting on the sidelines this time.

    1. Michael Bibby Yes, Vermont Senator but raised in New York. Also definitely not a Hitler lover you moron. Hitler was a Fascist, which is extreme right wing ideology. Socialism is left.

  2. Oh I’m sorry Joe, are substantive policies to figure out how to provide Americans with healthcare and other benefits too “boring” for you? Go watch some more baseball then, you twit.

    1. No they’re crucial, but this needs to be a referendum on TRUMP and his amoral Presidency, otherwise the Dems will LOSE.

  3. Entertaining? Wars are entertaining? Murder is Entertaining? The trump is “Entertaining”? A Fascist world view is “Entertaining”?

    Where are the SANE “GROWNUPS “?

  4. Dull and Plodding.

    Or, as it’s known in the Real World: Politics.

    We’re not her for “entertainment, but to judge which candidate would be good at the job.

    You want entertainment, then you get camera staring at an empty podium, free campaigning on the phone, and the clown show that is Trump.

    1. I reckon the answer is Pete. Not a Washington millionaire twice his age, most of these people should step aside and focus their last energy on legacy work, maybe consulting, autobiographies, family matters maybe. Leave really challenging meetings and academic stuff to Pete, 40 years younger than that quarrelling couple

  5. I hate when CNN hosts. “So and so said this about you. Are you gonna do anything about it?” They’re making it more of a reality show. I tuned in to get a better idea of their policies and how there going to pay for it not mud slinging.

    1. Honestly, that’s why Trump won. I remember in the 2012 election, and CNN started on Newts ex wife question. The way he responded, and the crowd response told me, people are tired of the bachelor style debates.

      They couldn’t get Trump, and Trump went red rover on them.

    2. It also cam across like the mediators hated everyone up there and just wanted to make them all look annoying and insignificant. It was a rough watch. If CNN hosts the next one I’ll catch the highlights later or just wait for PBS to do it again.

  6. The media has turned a once sober political process of selecting a President into a complete circus. Morning Joe included. The media executives should be ashamed

    1. But they’re not, because ratings means ad revenue. Unfettered capitalism has truly devolved this country and it’s values. We don’t stand for anything except the next dollar. Democracy in the US is almost dead but at least it’s gonna get a nice expensive coffin.

    1. @1sm08 It’s not me you need to worry about – it’s the voters in the midwest that were turned off by the Dem party in 2016 that lead to losing the Electoral College you should be concerned about, and stuff like this? It doesn’t help, at all. I have no idea what Warren was thinking.

    1. @Pattern Recognition The fanatic fringe bernie backers (not the normal pro bernie people) will spontaneously combust no matter who gets the nomination if it isn’t bernie. They would yell fire in a crowded theater if they thought it would help him. Cooler heads will do the wise thing and vote for whomever wins the dem nomination.

    2. 1sm08 and I really hope Pete (37) wins it. It’s just silly to think Bernie (77) could still compete in terms of actual Presidential work. None of those retired Washington millionaires should be up there, they might fall off and sue someone.

    3. 1sm08 Lol, you guys really like that narrative, don’t you? Actually Bernie supporters by and large voted for Hillary in ‘16 — Moreso than Hillary voters did for Obama in ‘08. You take statements by a few people and project that onto all Sanders supporters.

    1. Warren is a DNC saboteur. She is a lying Snake that speaks with a forked tongue.
      CNN should never be allowed to host a national debate ever again. They do not deserve that honour.

    2. @El Draco They shouldn’t have been allowed to host a debate after Anderson Cooper declared that Biden was innocent of any wrongdoing tbh. People only seem to notice these things when it’s their preferred candidate getting ambushed. It’s much easier to spot when you don’t like any of ’em lol.

  7. “This battle between Sanders and Warren, which is a real thing, not a media creation” uhhhhh excuse me but as I recall it was the debate moderator who brought it up the old conversation, and then insisted on continuing to talk about it. There are real differences between Sanders and Warren but that sh*t ain’t relevant.

  8. Bernie literally tried to shake her hand she refused how does it look bad on him? There is evidence she’s lieing


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