A High School in Jamaica Under Investigation for Covid-19 Breaches | TVJ News – June 11 2021

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  1. So if student catches covid due to adult irresponsible behavior they should continue going to school regardless of whom they will infect along the way, and regardless of how sick they become.

  2. Me reading this comments and realizing how ignorant Jamaicans are….This is why ama be stuck in my house for another year.

  3. Leave the students, and the school alone. Weh uno did deh when Anthony Johnson funeral a gwaan n the measures a breach? Over 30 odd ppl deh deh when the limit set to 15. Mocha Fest was 1000 rawse ppl n the operations manager only get charge of the spirit act and municipal act! Kmt uno gwope ya mon!

  4. Come on my people we all know if Jamaica get all 10 year’s to put things in place, Jamaica will never get it right even if life depends on it.. this is just Jamaican the land of anything goes…

  5. Minister, you’re already sitting down, so I’ll only encourage you to be quiet. I cant recall seeing you speaking on the Rick’s Café matter.

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