1. Listen to the journalist. She is on the payroll of the rebels. We Ethiopians knew this was coming because someone broke into their zoom meeting /rebels abd they were talking about how to pressure the Ethiopian government.

    2. @teoethio

      Tigray doesn’t have any money to pay a CNN journalist. You should be ashamed to say that. This is GOD’s work to expose your evil work!

    3. @Saba Mesfen Tplf stole over 50 billion dollars when in power. They are using that money now to destabilize Ethiopia. It’s a fact. Tplf is servant of the neo colonial west. That is why the western media is fabricating lies to defame Ethiopia.

    4. @teoethio

      Ethiopia never had 50 million dollars. Ethiopia is one of the poorest of the poorest country in the world. How could an organization stole $$$ Ethiopia never had.

      Ethiopia lives by western welfare from EU and United States. Ethiopian Amhara hate the west because they refused to give you welfare money because of the GENOCIDE in TIGRAY!

      Ethiopian Amhara need to go to work and earn their own money. The west has a right to refused tax money of Its citizens $$$ to give you! 👈

  1. This is horrible. I can’t wrap my brain around the amount of violence human beings are willing to inflict on each other.

    1. @Jay Cuzman your talking realpolitik vs idealpolitik
      I would prefer the ideal world but recognize that we live in a real, tho complicated world

    1. @Fergal Bannon every Ethiopian saw this coming and the government already predicted they would do this. Its really common knowledge at this point.

    2. @Life is interresting ! really, give the proof of the lies. Did they pay those tortured and killed to beget the lie? Then show your claim in proof, otherwise troll off

    1. This is the party of a fake news and orchestrated by the TPLF for propaganda purposes. I am really sorry CNN to report this unprofessional and a biased information. This report is untrue for several reasons . Among the many are : 1. the reporter , being from Sudan couple with her previous unprofessional report about Ethiopia , she will not expect to be independent and trustworthy while reporting this . 2. All information was not verified by independent human rights organizations and trustful third parts. 3. These human body dropped by TPLF itself to creat a documentary film. 5. TPLF soldiers bodies and killed in the middle of the conflict and TPLF used for its propaganda, 6. There is a growing concerns of TPLF killed the Eritrea refugees and dropped their bodies in the Tekeze river to hid from International bodies, 7.In the report she did not mention any details about the forensic examination how it was conducted, including how, when and who did it , she did not involve the third party doctors and investigators name in her report. The way she reported about the detention center has shown that how far She was dictated by TPLF about the location in Humara town.The TPLF rebels group were familiar with these locations while detained and abused the Amhara people for the last 27 years.
      Most importantly, she reported and at the same time she judged about the event. Is she is a journalist or and judge? She is journalist and reporter but she is not a judge. She was extremely judgmental . I am hoping CNN will correct this report unless she will be responsible and accountable for misleading the entire world. She used very extreme and sensitive words, like ethnic cleanse in the favor of TPLF without fact findings and objects evidences . Prior to this report , she was also failed to report about the Micadra genocide against Amhara , 1000 people were killed by Tigrean rebels group and the recent killing of Afar children and women. Very recently, about 140 civilians including six months baby and women were killed by TPLF rebel rebels group in Amhara region , but CNN and this reporter did say nothing! I am sorry for this partiality gesture! I believe, CNN will definitely demonstrate professional work as to this matter soon and bring justice in the favor of Ethiopian government!

    2. It is unfortunate that the UN and other international bodies enable this genocide on Tigray by Ethiopian and Eritrean governments for the last 10 months directly or indirectly by their silence or providing arms to criminals.

  2. Don’t worry about problems in other countries. America has a very terrible record on human rights. From police brutality to racism. Fix your own problems FIRST.

    1. I do not know which country you are from but based on the name of your account it looks like you lived outside of the US. And I can say with a 100 percent certainty that the US has a much much much better police than your country.

    2. @festus omukhwaya It still does not change anything. The US has a better police than the police in your or your parents country of origin. Do you disagree?

  3. Notice everywhere Imperialist have been ,…. death and destruction has followed ,…..Africa , South America , the Far East and the Middle East.

  4. Is this CNN’s owners pointing to the next country to invade to fill the pockets of the defence contractors?

    A quick search shows that the problems in the Tigray region have been reported on for quite a while now, which raises more suspicion on why, only now that Afghanistan is over that this suddenly becomes of interest to MSM.

    If MSNBC follows suit then you know what it coming.

  5. Imagine the government killing people and then throw to in river ,so that they can say look I am killing people. Who the h#ll will believe this ?

  6. I don’t know enough about this situation to comment. But, having said that, it’s not right to torture and kill people. WTF is wrong with people?!

    1. Trust me . This was a set up done by the rebels to defame the Ethiopian government. About a month ago there was News the rebels were seen taking their dead fighters by trucks in preparation for this fake News . The Sudanese so called journalist is in the payroll of tplf. Just listen to her.How did she know they are Tigrians? Who killed them? Why is the bodies showing up now when the rebels are losing badly? It’s all set up.

    2. yea…..GWBush was famous for all the above….he still can’t travel outside the USA cause he and Cheney are wanted for war crimes…..secret prisons for mass detention, torture and death…..Along with dropping massive shock n awe bombs that blew apart millions of innocent bodies and homes…..

  7. We all need to be sad what happen to humanity. However, don’t trust how the media narrates and who they frame. That is completely a different and complex matter. They narrates it to fit their interest.

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