A look into COVID-19 vaccination passports 1

A look into COVID-19 vaccination passports


With COVID-19 vaccines rolling out, countries are looking into the idea of vaccination passports, but experts fear it could cause inequities.

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  1. Remember when all of this was conspiracy theory….sometimes it really sucks to be right about something.

    1. But pretty much anyone can easily guess this was gonna happen, regardless if it’s a conspiracy theory or not.

    1. @Vicarious Witness I’m sorry, but you are very gullible and naive to think voting actually works to our benefit.

  2. Knew this coming from the beginning!! Don’t consent to this!! Your body is NOT government property

    1. @Simona Rich when I went on a two-week hunger strike here downtown Vancouver I was healthier than I had ever been so I gave up and I realized it was something really wrong with our food

    1. so burn your passport, cut off your credit cards, delete your bank account, throw out your driver’s license, don’t wear seat belt, don’t send your kids to school, you wild wolf!

    2. @ELATION although you are probably being sarcastic, your advice is actually sound. I’m torn between giving it a thumbs up or down!

  3. Should not happen but probably will be enforced. Canadians need to realize that freedoms are A LOT easier to lose than regain.

    1. Doesn’t matter Canadians are the ultimate betas and prefer to have government take care of their every need.

    2. @Hillary Clinton2020 Well that tune will change when our debt crisis hits its peak and all those “free” things start going away. We are over one trillion dollars in debt and $400 billion is from Trudeaus administration alone.

    3. @Cobra8529 all by design…have you witnessed Trudeaus response to serious debt questions? Be doesn’t even address them he just spews his scripted diatribe. He knows exactly how much he’s destroying our way of life…

    1. @Teheru 17 Well at least I’m not the one who derives public consensus from a like to dislike ratio.

    1. @Mark Javier put on tin foil hat ,take double doze of experimental substances and go on holiday to hell!

    2. Exactly you have no right to fly or go on vacation. Live your miserable life but don’t put the sensible population at risk

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