‘A lot of heartache’: Woman who lost home in Tennessee flooding describes destruction

CNN's Pamela Brown talks to Tennessee resident Casey Hipshire about her experience when flash flooding hit her area. The floods have left 21 dead and dozens injured.

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  1. RIP and Condolences to all those families who lost love ones during this flood in Tennessee.

    1. @Norman Gabbard Biden screws up everthing he touches, Did you blame Obama for Trumps problems? We see a wide eyed old fart reading pocket notes, who tells him what to think?

    2. What is coming cannot be stopped, only escaped from. Click on the red icon to the left there, watch a short video or two, leave a comment, if you want to.

    3. Last few weeks. In Henan, many people were died because of the flood. I know so many people’s family were lost their best loved. RIP to those people who died and I feel so sorry to the people that they lost their loved.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    4. Jeremiah 23:19
      “Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath,
      Even a whirling tempest;
      It will swirl down on the head of the wicked.

  2. My heart broke for her at “Someone just please come get my eight year old son. You can leave me, just come get him.” Sending abundant Love and Light from Mississippi to everyone hit by this nightmare. Y’all stay safe and take care of each other. ✌🏼💚

    1. @WorldFlex I love it. Your simple yet provocative comment gets you on a watch list. Please elaborate further.

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  3. Bless this poor lady. My house burned down in June and I know how painful it is to lose everything and to see the devastation. Wishing peace for the hearts of all affected

    1. @StrangerThanFiction Does not make any sense. Jesus told everyone he would save them? You claim he is dead now so that won’t be happening then. Your own words prove we will all perish cos Jesus died.

    2. @youeverseethesehandsfly 49 dead and counting. Once they are able to access the hard hit areas that number will go up real fast. Hope doesn’t stop floods. Take action instead. Build the wall!

    3. Jeremiah 23:19
      “Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath,
      Even a whirling tempest;
      It will swirl down on the head of the wicked.

  4. My sincerest condolences are being sent to all those who lost their homes, businesses, and the most heart breaking devastation of losing family members. We must all hope and pray that those missing will be found alive.

    1. Yeah. Because they’re really reading the comments right now. 🙄. I’m sure they’re thanking u right now 🤣😂🤣😂🤫

  5. 😢 I’m so sorry for this lady’s loss and everyone who was affected. Condolences to the families who lost loved ones. Hope Biden steps in and gets FEMA involved to help these people replace everything that was distroyed rebuild or relocate.

  6. I live approximately 35 miles from Waverly in Huntingdon. It’s bad there, tomorrow we’re loading a truck of supplies to carry over to assist in any way possible. Their largest concern now is where to live and transportation to and from work. It reminds me again of the propane explosion in the 70’s that tore the town apart. God bless these people.

  7. September is Preparedness Month. It would be great if news media would air something similar to 30days30waysUK. After the previous two years, I think more people are preparedness minded.

  8. God be with all your children help them, bring them up! I’m praying for all of you 🙏 So tragic 💔

    1. Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God’s word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill

    2. Don’t be like the hypocrites praying on the street corner and on the internet, but lock yourself up in your closet and pray in secret.

    3. Jeremiah 23:19
      “Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath,
      Even a whirling tempest;
      It will swirl down on the head of the wicked.

  9. The downpour was crazy driving 40 east thru TN early Saturday morning. You could see the flooding starting early. So sorry for anyone who has lost or has missing loved ones.

  10. I was born in TN and, at times like these, I’m glad I no longer live there. 😢 This is devastating.

  11. I am so sorry. A tree fell on my husband’s car a week ago. But that is absolutely nothing compared to all of this devastation. I am praying for everyone affected. Sending strength, love, hugs and prayers. May God bless you all! ❤️🙏🏻😢

  12. Condolences from Germany. We had this in my little town 4 weeks ago. I think I know how you might feel. ❤️

    1. Bless your heart this is a repeat of what you went through. The world is in trouble physically. I have such respect for your leader.

    2. Thank You I seen your fooding on TV while your Chancellor Merkel was here. I wish blessings on the victims and their families in your town. 🙁

  13. So sad to see this, my heart full condolences to those who lost their loved ones. I heard Governor Como was warning one day ago.

  14. I’m so sorry everyone. My Grandparents lived in Dickson when I was a child.
    So very sad for you all. 😢

    1. @Clairsentient Being In A Wicked World OMG 😞. At least we care that way 👍. Most wouldn’t understand why 🙏. Thank you much

    2. @Dan Ozmatlan
      You’re right, Dan.
      It’s kind of a curse at times.
      Take care, kindred Soul. 🕊

    3. @Clairsentient Being In A Wicked World a blessing and a curse.. good for understanding others etc.. take care!

  15. My condolences to the events that happened in Tennessee. with those who were injured and died as well R.I.P From Thailand 🇹🇭

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