‘A lot of work to do’ on climate plan, as Canada misses emission targets

Minister Wilkinson responds to a new report from the environment commissioner saying Canada has failed to meet emission reduction targets since 2015.

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    1. That would be a lot more interesting than this phony ‘climate change’ issue that politicians keep harping on

    2. Convicting? The courts are in their back pocket. Let’s go right from exposing to… heads on pikes in the village square

    3. Can I go on disability if I think I have climate change? Or if my climate anxiety is just through the roof. Crb ran out and I’m running out of booze n drugs fast. Thanks

    1. No kidding bring in more ppl that need heating and produce plus transportation and how are u suppose to reduce anything…

  1. Typical responses. “Everything criticizing our record is wrong, we are misunderstood.” This is why nothing real gets done.

  2. Oh Nooooo, we are all going to be able to grow vegetables for a month longer in Canada in about 100 years.

  3. Is he talking about stopping the seasons, or am I supposed to have a pavlovian preconditioned response to the phrase climate change?

  4. Instead of taxing. Education on growing food is key. If everyone grew food locally; then packaging and shipping would be cut in half. And we would be a healthy society. But when you buy two dollar relish from India, that’s the problem.

  5. Of course they missed it, had they got there would be no reason to ramp up the carbon tax right? Smh, this whole carbon tax thing is just a sham to begin with yet they think they are so smart in lining their pockets and we don’t know what the deal is.

  6. Everytime I hear climate change I burn a tire by the lake. Keep it up. There are a lot of old tires they need to be delt with anyways. I use gas to get the oil burning which in turn gets the tire burning faster than using corpses and leaves

  7. The farmers are on it. They can’t afford the diesel fuel or fertilizer so they are just going to put the land back to pasture and grow enough food for themselves.

  8. lots of word said and yet the main point that no actual action has been taken dissipate all the planning and programs that have been drawn up was not addressed.

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