A New Lawsuit Holds Trump Directly Responsible For The Capitol Hill Riot | Deadline | MSNBC 1

A New Lawsuit Holds Trump Directly Responsible For The Capitol Hill Riot | Deadline | MSNBC


New York Times congressional reporter Luke Broadwater, former acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal, and former assistant secretary for threat prevention and security policy at DHS Elizabeth Neumann discuss the lawsuit brought by two Capitol Police officers, who were mauled and beaten on January 6th, seeking to hold Donald Trump accountable for the riot. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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A New Lawsuit Holds Trump Directly Responsible For The Capitol Hill Riot | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. She’s impressive. I’m sure I couldn’t take this kind of news anchoring and interviews every day. She is clearly following the stories, not just reporting.

    1. It’s up to US, We the People. WE ARE THE GOVT. Trumpski was fired by US in November and that’s how you hold a wanna be dictator accountable in America.

    2. So, all those bureaucratic institutions: FBI, CIA, DHS, SSA, NIO, etc. etc. etc., has never produced any evidence to convict this man of any wrongdoing, yet you believe it’s somehow the “government’s” fault? Do you know how stupid you look right now?

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Biden=anti americanism, open borders, globalization/terrorism, enables big pharmaceutical, child abduction/molestation, theft, communists party enabled. They dont call him quid pro joe for nothing.

  1. Make homie bankrupt and force him to liquidate his property!! Dominion should also do a civil lawsuit and get a big slice of trump pie!!

    1. The “Law & Order” slogan originated with Agnew & Nixon, in reference to anti- war & civil rights protesters. Trumpists talk about Antifa & BLM the exact same way. Liberals seek “Justice”. Conservatives seek “Order”.They see laws as a way to control their political “enemies”, so Capital attackers saw those cops as traitors. They “Back the Blue”, only when “the Blue” is shooting rubber bullets (or real ones), at minorities & libs.

    2. @H K S The capital attackers represented the right wing, the same ones the FBI has identified as America’s biggest domestic terrorist threat. Who’s the traitors then?

    1. @skindian6669 u2 I understand. I had a malignant narcissist for a Dad. So it hits home for me. But I didn’t choose to worship the psycho.

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe You’re an a-hole, you can’t spell, AND your account is suspiciously new. BOT!!!!!

  2. Like all of us, we can’t wait to see the orange in a orange jumpsuit and mugshot on national to see what happen to someone who thought he be a dictator in American.

    1. @tenofive That’s a bot; just check it’s youtube account, it’s bare. The conservative right, has hired plenty of computer nuts to create bots to fill up comment sections with pro conservative comments.

    2. Lmfao your straight rere, let me tell you how!!! First this is a lawsuit not a criminal charge!!! Secondly the federal government agents testified that this was planned months ahead of time!!! No matter what, he said go peacefully. What about all the videos of the capital police who let them in and took down the barriers? This sounds more like 1 part conspiracy theories and 1 part wishful thinking

    3. Maybe if you losers keep dreaming and click your heels together your wish just may come true. Hahahahaha

    4. Awww, bless your heart. I bet you were this excited during “Mueller Time” too, huh? You poor thing. The fake news has been leading you on for 5 years with “the walls are closing in on Trump” and you keep falling for it. I hope you figure it out some day……

    1. 450,000 dead innocent Covid19 Americans. Short of the 100,000 Dr. Birk said couldn’t be avoided.

  3. Soul searching by members of congress? Lol. These people have no souls. The devil said they’re a bad investment. He already has all their souls. Why on earth would he make a deal with a republican?

  4. He started the big lie and then failed to act once it all unfolded. He should be held accountable.

    1. NOT ONLY failed to act once it all unfolded … HE INCITED IT with the lie as you say; but also other language inciting it; planning the event on that day; and telling the folks to walk down to the Capitol when the rally permit was not even allowed for there !

    2. @purple dinosaurs you are so WRONG, try some research with some real facts you are embarrassing yourself

    1. @Care2 Think
      in 2017 rioters attacked the capitol saying the election was stolen
      they attacked private property and government property, they were heard in court on ALL cases

      All rioters had their charged dropped, even after burning a historic church.

      republicans were not heard on ANY case, and only stormed government property, no property was burned or destroyed beyond repair, while being denied due process by the judiciary making up arbitrary reason to deny standing. standing is not law, it was made up to deny right by judges who don’t want to do a job

      both or neither go to jail, plain and simple. equal treatment is important

    2. @ihatecrackhead T***, Guiliani and the rest of the Insurrection Gang incited the crowd to attack – at the very moment – the proceedings certifying the votes was happening. The crowd believed that huge lie that the election was stolen. People DIED! Capitol guards were significantly injured mentally and physically. So much more happened. All this matters, and we should act like it. Every one of the people involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. Period. Nothing less than prison time is appropriate for the ‘top brass’. T**** needs to go down the hardest!

    3. @Care2 Think
      People DIED? not from the rioters

      The crowd believed that huge lie that the election was stolen?
      actually they found 6% of votes where ACTUAL audits were done, didn’t even have envelopes or signatures, it would be illegal to count and certify those votes. thousands of those were counted in one county alone

      GA judge allows audit last week, weird, I thought they did an audit?
      oh yea that hand audit that somehow got on flash drives.
      they hand fed ballots into the machines, that is not a hand audit

      when a judge denys due process on standing, they are making up a fairy tale to deny your right to be heard in court, there is no law legislated that allows a judge to deny your right to be heard, on an arbitrary reason they make up. the only reason it happens, is because the judges allow themself to do it, and rule in their own favor to make law

    1. The Family, of that cop who died, said his death had nothing to do with riots of Jan 6th. You would know this if you listen to something other than MSM

    1. @The JakeVegas we literally are man, in real time. Catch up eh? The 21st century still has space for you.

    2. Tim ORourke, the first not to willingly show his taxes, first to steal money from his own charities, first to hire a Attorney General to cover up his crimes, first to let Putin put bounties on our soldiers. First to start an insurrection because he’s such a low life pos!

    3. @I will be ANIME KING Maybe you’re correct but I tried to find anything to show that would be the case and found nothing relating to those numbers changing but would appreciate the source for that. From all the checks I have done,. this appears to be a done deal. Which Dems you think so check up?

  5. The world will start taking the US seriously again when Donald Trump is convicted of his crimes and goes to jail.

    1. @K Nelson tyvm. See mine, you probably understand already. The only place guaranteed to continue lying in our faces, the NOT altruistic govt. It will get ugly. Billionaires will build at higher elevations and the NOT welcome mat will be large and everpresent as we climb to avoid the ocean. Feel it people.

    2. @Free Thinker foreigners provide a perspective we fear to look at for ourselves. My friends around the world see it from a perspective that takes a step back to get a wider, wiser view. What American has a freaking clue? Bunch of effing lemmings

    3. Yea they should take us very serious right now because nothing says I am leader like a good case of dementia.

    4. @Mark J no one is laughing at President Biden. He’s being taken seriously. What a refreshing change from the past 4 years

    1. The Officers were injured in the line of duty. Many are still recovering. They are to be respected and deserve to be treated fairly in the court.

    2. @Kathy Kettner he won’t and they can’t win it’s not possible can’t convict on opinions

    1. Trump will go to a white collar prison if he serves time and will be carefully guarded. No hug , no kisses, besides who’d wish to touch that repellent mess of a “man”.

    1. THEY ALL LIE!!!!




      PROVEN 100%

      Cigarettes are
      Proven 100%

      WERE Lab Tested on animals and men and women and citizen and humans and everybody and nobody

      Over 3000 chemicals + Including “Rat Poison” addes to these CIGARETTES

      They knew these chemicals were in the cigarettes and made laws allowing how to sell and buy them still to this day.

      Cigarettes have ruined how many 1000000000000 of lives?

      Including those who aren’t smokers and we know Second Hand Smoke has killed how many people???????

      Mass Murder Weapon being USED TODAY by your government….

      Before you say anything…

      Government COLLECT Money time, energy, life, and tax from these MASS MURDER WEAPONS

      Cigarettes have been proven to create a lack of need to change your environment or life and accept what it is and where its going.

      In other words…a mental entrapment of accepting a cruel unjust unfair not true lie.

      How can a spirit be bottled and sold?

      Isn’t that against their main religion and the flag and morals they ( Government business rules plus religion which in the usa is Christianity ) claim?

      The God of the bible as written says: those who harm the spirit shall not be forgiven…


      The Government ( who I remind you is in control of the money, military, people’s influences, education, medicine, food, work, businesses, money in general )
      Are supposed to protect the people but yet LITERALLY created another form of Entrapment with the name in the people faces saying “Bars”

      Their future!

      How many 100000000000 people have died for falling for that entrapment?

      How many people have been locked in prison for life not even remembering what happened?

      How many people have been addited to alcohol and their lives been ruined?

      Remember these are not natural and have been tested and experimented on with additives….

      GOVERNMENT Collect Big Money time energy life from these entrapments and then send people to Prison for them!

      Is that terrorist hidding in plain sight controlling our lives minds and world?

      Their families and friends lives as well?

      Their Childrens lives too?

      All a trickle down economy…and this is nothing new!

      How can you claim there is difference at all?

      And how can you claim this system in general before is not insane and wrong before this big change you claim?

      These are 2 purposefully created poisons that are addicitce and mass murder weapons proven to still being sold and Government still collecting Money off these CIGARETTES and alcohol.

      How can a citizen
      Claim freedom when they are being controlled by a group of people who have been proven to be their very enemies – own the world and control the remaining amount of wealth and health the people fight over?

      Citizens are not taught how to read, write, speak, or represent themselves legally or business wise. ( you have to specifically become a lawyer to act as so if not you will see your real enemies and how hard it is to follow that process created )

      If you knew the languages of law you wouldn’t claim FREEDOM as a MAN WOMAN HUMAN CITIZEN NOTHING EVERYBODY ANYBODY…..

      Because its MENTAL slave

      Its the opposite of freedom and a huge pyramid scheme.

      ( Hire An Attorney or Lawyer )
      Plus , time, energy, life, created stress by the government entrapment, and MOST IF NOT ALL STILL will have no idea what happened other than the cost…that is not a price either!

      Money yes but time life altered and changed most destroyed! For falling into entrapment, not a system of love and teaching and protection.

      Now how protective is this government?


      Which in turn says you have to take a life to protect a life.

      Serial killers have that mindset?

      And this is the MENTALITY is being taught and used still today.

      For a very long time to the youth and teens and adults and elderly….

      The Government created a dependent system destroying the individual and freedom at all.

      They teach us to be dependent on the grocery stores and food stores and clothing and the public education.

      A true protective government would teach as mandatory as education that you must learn to grow your own food and never be dependent on others when possible.

      The grocery stores shouldn’t be the main source of food

      Remember they alter all the food and additives as well….yes some great and healthy and many not…….a pattern???

      They teach us to dependent on services that cost high dollar, lots of stress and bad service corruption to begin with, and wonder why people are doing the wrong things at all?

      Well after the poverty you created and the lack of knowledge and healthy food and proactive thinking…we are dumb, lazy, unable to represent ourselves respectful in the SUPPOSED PROTECTION OF OUR LIVES?



      Obviously its created that way!

      Government didn’t build a proactive system where our youth are known to graduate and at the age of late 20s be able to repair:

      Their homes – plumbing, painting, wall patching or replacing, floor installing, ….

      Their vehicles – how to do their own oil change and almost all repairs, which gives them the ability to determind what the problem is and protect themselves in all areas.

      Shelter, Food, Transportation, daily needs to surivive and be the best we can be and also proactive in Protection and responsible??????

      NOT even Close

      I can keep going

      Govern – to control
      Ment — the control of ones mind
      = to control the control of ones mind

      – to take away a piec of control of ones mind

      De – to take away ( De-fence )
      Part – a piece
      Ment – the control of ones mind

      Ear – organ used to hear
      Th – the spoken word
      Earth = to hear the spoken word

      These are hidden meanings and definitions they will never teach you.

      If you do research you will find all buildings are built mathematically and ingenious

      Court room

      Wedding…..or GAME

      Or to the KING PALACE

      Complete unjust unfair not true AUTHORITY

      Mental abuse and control against our will

  6. Don’t let the Nation or Republican Party just move on! ! ! !
    Make sure the actions of the insurrection does not go away and ALL involved are held accountable!

  7. “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it!” Lysander Spooner

    1. So, when Biden lies, does that reveal him to be a tyrant? I mean, the dude is complicit and should be accountable for over 1,000,000 Iraqi deaths. Of course, you moron sheep and tribalist demorats don’t want to talk about that, do you!

    2. @Liberty59 “Of course, you moron sheep and tribalist ”

      Yet you’re still supporting a professional con-artist.

    3. Why dont they just split the country republican on one side democrats on the other, and us Republicans have trump and you democrats have your puppet Biden is already ruining America none the less is a liar and cant even finish a sentence…. you democrats couldnt survive without handouts..

  8. Assaulting the seat of democracy is heartbreaking I’m speechless I can’t find an adjective to describe what had happened to our country…It’s unbelievable !!! This an act of BARBARISM !!!

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