‘A really big deal’: Retired colonel on Biden’s wartime visit to Ukraine

CNN military analyst Col. Cedric Leighton (Ret.) explains the significance of President Joe Biden’s surprise trip to Kyiv nearly one year after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. Brave move by Biden..hat’s off!! However, and I know that I’m going to get criticized for the following… your military commentator couldn’t resist a bit of American exceptionality…to paraphrase “it was just like WW1 when the americans came in and the tanks came”. Sorry, but tanks were a British invention first used in 1916 a year before America thought that it might be a good idea to join in! As in WW2 your troops fought bravely and many died in the name of freedom but please stop implying that things always get better when you guys weigh in…go on then, fire away!

    1. It is very true that we were not prepared. We had to buy tanks from the French and all sorts of other weapons wherever available. In our defense, we had a President who was an academic egghead more concerned with high ideals than actual reality.

  2. This is exactly what Ukraine needed after their gallant survival against extreme odds by merit. Ukraine is worthy of world support .US gesture was ” exemplary” in every sense.

    1. Russia is about to crush the Nazis’ The greatest money laundering part of the world is about to leave the Deep States control.

  3. Peaceful rehtoric and patience achieves far more than reckless bullying. A lesson probably wasted on the likes of Putin and his ilk.

    1. Get your facts right. It’s the Ukrainian Nazis that are the bullies, until Russia intervened as far back as 2014.

  4. I love my American President Biden and Ukrainian President Zellenskyy two great strong brave intelligent leaders !🇺🇦🇺🇸💪

    1. @Man Animal because this border is more important. USA’s Whealth is built on the US dollar being the lead currency and everybody company in the world having to trade on us markets. If Russia wins this war USA loses influence in Europe and the world.

    2. Americans are suffering. Ohio is in crisis. President goes to Kyiv and gives more millions. This is a war between USA and Russia.

  5. Ukraine needs this man than anybody else out there 😁😁👀💪💪💪💪as long as it takes 👍and as long as putin exist 😈

  6. Agreed with Leighton re aircraft. Ukraine needs fighter and fighter ground attack aircraft. The F16 can do both these roles, but if these aircraft are provided, the challenge will be the time taken for Ukrainians to learn to fly and maintain them. They are very different to the soviet era aircraft that Ukraine is deploying atm.
    All that said, based on the ingenuity and adaptability that these people have shown in this conflict, I have no doubt that it is possible sooner than later.

    1. @charlie F16s can do both air defence and ground attack, anyways I think the Ukrainians will take anything on offer, There may be a few FA18s lying around as well.
      The Brits I believe are also training Ukraine pilots on their fighter aircraft. That is one thing, maintaining and setting up a logistic structure to keep them going is another.

    2. There are Ukrainian pilots ready, the fighter airplanes are ready, what is not ready is the phase of the war, F16 fighters on action means willingness to accept a Ruskie escalation, stronger letal missiles attacking Kiev , something like the oxygen depriving explosives. Ukraine needs more bunkers, bigger and livelier ones.

    3. The Ukrainian pilots are ready, they´ve been trained in F16´s, in real and in simulators. That´s a negotiation token in one hand, while in the other a cause of war escalation. Putin can start launching more lethal missiles, like the explosive oxygen depriving ones, or outright nukes. The economic measures are going to start really biting Russia this year, last year the big oil prices over 100 dls/barrel compensated the USA and European blockading.

    4. Its really sad that US is not trying for a diplomatic solution. Diplomacy worked during Cuban missile crisis and was even tried between Israel and PLO, but strangely in this case, US is supplying arms to ensure death and destruction.
      All this drama in the name of peace and democracy is to prop up a dictator in Ukr, who has banned opposition parties and questioning press and is yet give account for the “aid money” given.

  7. I am now the biggest Biden supporter of all. He proved his heart, his humanity, and his resolve to stand for what he believes. God bless Biden, God bless all people who stand for peace and prosperity. USA!!

  8. Kudos to President Biden for an intrepid, unprecedented, and much needed overture to our Ukrainian friends and allies. We all must stand together to support the peace and collective security of the international rules based order and deny Russia’s imperialist efforts to return Europe to an endless state of unbridled aggression. Stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦

  9. Major slap in the face to russia…good job biden. Was wondering if we would risk him going in…but glad to see it happened

  10. The longer range precision capability has been approved, the GLSDB will be in ukraines hands sometime soon…and the UK will give longer range capabilities as well…really the last item on the list is fighter jets…and they honestly aren’t needed if we give them tons of longe range systems

    1. Yes but u still air support for the ground assault to protect the tanks etc. Can’t leave any thing to chance. When Ukraine goes on offensive in,and complete over powering way that Putin can nothing except watch himself be defeated in Ukraine completely!

  11. Brilliant move by Biden, extremely courageous! A huge message to China, Taiwan, Europe, Japan, the Koreas, and Russia!

  12. President Biden and President Zelensky standing together in Ukraine, promising more aid to Ukraine, is Putin’s worst nightmare.

  13. So damn proud of our President Joe Biden.
    Have had our fingers crossed he might do this & he showed us all. He is the right & honorable president for the times we are living in.

  14. F 16 is a beautiful fighter jet. If I were Zelensky, I would build a fighter base under ground, with a landing strip long enough and just pokes out above the ground in order for the planes to take off. Would be a ramp that has a slight positive degree that allows a smooth exit from the landing strip. If russia launched missles, they would explode harmlessly on the dirt overtop the underground runway.

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