Abortion Clinics Face Down Myriad Pressures To Remain Open | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Abortion Clinics Face Down Myriad Pressures To Remain Open | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reports on the lengths to which abortion clinic operators like Julie Burkhart, founder and CEO of Trust Women, have to go to stay open to patients while dealing with hostility from protesters, state legislatures, and judiciaries, not to mention funding issues and the challenge of recruiting physicians who could be threatened by anti-abortion extremists. Aired on 11/28/19.
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Abortion Clinics Face Down Myriad Pressures To Remain Open | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Abortion Clinics Face Down Myriad Pressures To Remain Open | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. stopthecrazyguy | November 30, 2019 at 1:41 AM | Reply

    In everything, Republicans think they are above the law. We have to get Republicans out of government.

  2. Impeach tRump & Pence & tax all house’s of worship especially Evangelical, Church of Scientology & Falun Dafa etc. as they do not respect the separation between church & state & Roe vs Wade.

  3. “If ever there was a slamming of the door in the face of constructive investigation, it is the word miracle. To a medieval peasant, a radio would have seemed a miracle.” Richard Dawkins

    • On the lighter side of things here is a Putin & Russian joke. Russia people wonder why if Trump has won! Great! But who are we now going to blame for all our problems?

    • @Crystal Giddens blah blah blah keep your religion out of my uterus.

    • Radios were designed by intelligent minds. If radios popped into existence from nothing as naturalists claim the universe did it would be an actual miracle.

    • Crystal Giddens | November 30, 2019 at 5:21 PM | Reply

      @Dawn Adriana i’m not touching your udders so don’t worry about that.

  4. reverant tangent | November 30, 2019 at 2:09 AM | Reply

    Ohio bill 413 would require doctors to try to reimplant a fetus during ectopic pregnancies or face aggravated murder charges despite
    1) ectopic pregnancies cannot be carried to term
    2) ectopic pregnancies threaten the mothers life
    3) thee fetus is usually dead by the time an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed
    4) there is no procedure capable of reimplanting a fetus.

  5. “Well; to the people who pray for me to not only have an agonizing death, but then be reborn to have an agonizing & horrible eternal life of torture, I say well, good on you. See you there.” Christopher Hitchens

    • @Serendipity Watch the entire 3 hour video then, lol?

    • @Crystal Giddens I most certainly know the history of Seendipity.
      But, I see you love editing to make something seem to be something else which distorts its true meaning. Much like that video of yours, because your mashup of 2 different things to create your own narritive and twist the meaning of a “happy” word, is also disgusting.

      A Short History of the Word ‘Serendipity’

      The word ‘serendipity’ was invented on 28 January 1754. It was one of two literary creations by its inventor, Horace Walpole, that would achieve widespread popularity. In his 1754 letter, Walpole describes the story of ‘The Three Princes of Serendip’ as a ‘silly fairy tale’, going on to say: ‘as their highnesses travelled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of.


    • @Fe26 bet vorcazm’s answer made you feel good though, all self-righteous, and get your hate on..

  6. …and anyone points their finger at islamists when christian-motivated murders are that common in places in the USA? Murders in the name of christianity are religiously motivated terrorism!

  7. Make Racists Afraid Again | November 30, 2019 at 5:00 AM | Reply

    Keep Religion Out of America’s Politics, Laws and Schools!

  8. Prior to Roe vs Wade, almost every emergency room across the US had to create a separate triage center to handle the volume of women who had a back alley abortions. If they weren’t lucky enough to make to and be saved by the emergency room, most victims of back alley abortions bleed to death or died a horrific and painful death from an infection.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 8 minutes a woman in a developing nation will die of complications arising from a back alley abortion.

    • Actually in 1972 there were 63 abortion related deaths and 24 of them were from LEGAL abortions (CDC). Planned Parenthood estimates that 90% of illegal abortions are done by trained physicians.

      Thousands of women haven’t died from abortions since the 30s before antibiotics were a thing.

      But it’s a moot point anyway and irrelevant to the question of the morality of killing innocent human beings.

    • YES GREG M, ALSO…Today is an internet age.. any girl or boy even can google what herbs can induce a dangerous miscarriage… internet did not exist when Row vs Wade was news.

      Republicans need more movies like Dirty dancing to educate them on backroom abortions as they are not the smartest bunch.

    • Exactly! Abortion is a womans choice. The reality is abortions occur. So do it clinically.

    • @Debra Dawn Trump wants a vote. Thats it.

    • Imagine if these “ladies” used birth control? There wouldn’t be ANY need for triage or abortions.

  9. Flying doctors in to dangerous, out-of-the-way places. Like Congo and Wichita.

  10. Republicans are evil. Full stop.

  11. médiatique .video | November 30, 2019 at 11:01 AM | Reply

    Separation Church and State. More education overall needed, STAT!

    • Christopher Justice | November 30, 2019 at 3:24 PM | Reply

      @Ricky Spanish Ok boomer.

    • Carolyn's RV Life | November 30, 2019 at 4:18 PM | Reply

      @Ricky Spanish Funny. The people I see fighting for minimum wage are not the “broke” ones earning minimum wage, but others who work just as hard and still care about their fellow Americans enough to want to see them succeed in life. And if you believe that people just shouldn’t work minimum wage jobs if they don’t want to be broke, who do you think is going to pour your coffee and make your Big Macs?
      And did you know that Native Americans believed in at least 5 genders? The concept is not new. It’s just that the Europeans came along with their puritanical religious beliefs and wiped out anything that doesn’t agree with their beliefs. And so what if there are 76 genders..? I”m not sure why that would bother you – or anyone else? Why do you care?
      One last hing, the fact that you’re pointing people to YouTube for research on ‘racist trees’ is all I needed to know on that subject.

    • @Carolyn’s RV Life The teenagers will pour my coffee. I did it when I was a teenager. My children will do it when they are teenagers. I don’t need to hire an adult with salary just to have someone pour me coffee …

  12. You’re a hero Julie! Dr Tiller would be proud.

  13. Such courage these pro-choice women have, my hat’s off to them. These anti-abortionists are such Nazi like people.

  14. A Note: Very plain is the saying “Do no harm” and “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. Think, use that which has been given unto you. For no mater where you are do not we all carry the “rules” with us?

  15. We need to set a retirement age in politics mandatory now this old fart jerry is going to take on the hearings this guy is going to have a heart attack when he starts hearing facts

  16. While the rest of the World continues to
    march forward on Women’s rights—
    the GOP continues to work very hard
    to ensure that Women are not respected

    • Except not the 500,000 little women who are murdered legally every year? No rights for them?

    • @vorcazm —- You have a very good point
      As a man my personal view-point is that
      Women should not be permitted to have
      abortions. Having said this it is a complex
      psychological and Social issue
      eg in many cases the father may abandon
      or simply for one reason or another the time
      may not be right
      My guess is it impacts lower income Women
      more. There also are inadequate supports
      in place. In Canada abortion is a medical
      right in all Provinces [ States ] and both
      outpatient and hospital care is fully funded
      by Medicare. There no longer is any debate
      or controversy. In fact in the October 2019
      Federal Election that Trudeau won he stated
      that Women have a right to have full control
      over their bodies. I recognize this so my personal feelings are put aside.

    • @Crystal Waves Whether or not “the father may abandon or simply for one reason or another the time may not be right” is irrelevant to the question of the morality of killing a human being. Killing babies is wrong regardless of whether or not “the time is right”.

      The abolishment of slavery impacted low income plantation owners more. That also didn’t justify a violation of human rights.

      Killing a human being is not a right. Trudeau doesn’t decide which human beings gets rights. Neither can the Nazis, or the slave owners. If a society deems that killing Jews is moral that doesn’t make it moral.

  17. I’ve done drugs most of my life.
    By grace Jesus set me free. I’m not perfect. Just a work in progress.

  18. What’s Quid Pro Joes son hiding that he wants to seal his child support records?

  19. The only people qualified to make decisions about a woman’s body and
    write/pass/enforce laws about a woman’s body,
    ARE WOMEN!!!
    If only my fellow men would learn this…

  20. As soon as she said that they had to fly doctors in I thought “so that’s what those absurd admitting privilege laws target”…yup

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