About Dominica

Dominica is an island for travellers and adventurers rather than for those who like their pleasures manicured and tamed. As a visitor to Dominica, one participates in the life of the island and enjoys its natural gifts of sea, river and mountains

as the natives do, whether on foot, by bus, car or in the air. In this way each new visit becomes a personal discovery rather than a programmed slot on a package itinerary. On Dominica, there is time to compare your impressions with those of the chroniclers who have been this way before. Our community base websites were born out of this beautiful island and continues to write Dominica news and focus on letting all cultures mix and opinion be read. Feel free to join in the discussions, post the latest news and happenings in your community, list your business or website or just promote your own island cultures on one of our websites designed to accept text and images in realtime so let others know your people.

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Agriculture is the mainstay of the island’s economy, with bananas being the main crop. Dominica is perhaps the most naturally beautiful and different of all the Caribbean destinations. Dominated by towering mountains and primordial rain forests, crisscrossed by rivers and waterfalls, Dominica offers ‘a once in a lifetime’ opportunity to experience the last spots on earth, where nature,so unchanged and unspoiled, flourishes in abundance. So if you need to talk more about Dominica, login and submit a new story.

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