1. Are newspaper clippings even a thing in 2022? Trump thinks we are all idiots. He is right, at least as far as his supporters go.

    1. @willysnowman are you always wrong or is today a special occasion? President Trump did in fact receive an invitation.

  2. Calling stolen money stacks of paper does not change the nature of the crime. Why are we entertaining this excuse a 5 year old would say?

  3. Yes I’m very eager to hear how they claim it’s news clippings. Let’s see them lie themselves into ridiculousness.

    1. @Mdebacle What do you think Roy Cohen would say about Trump’s decision to double down on doubling down? Double down more….?

    2. @Rocky Power Roy Cohn would be impressed by the way Trump engineered this whole scenario.
      1) Take documents,
      2) Provoke a search and seizure,
      3) Play the persecuted martyr,
      4) Get the MAGA mob riled, get the bootlickers (Murdoch, DeSantis, Graham) back in line,
      5) has his own flunky judge Cannon in position,
      6) has 2024 nomination secured. Mission accomplished.

  4. Let me guess, trump also thinks the Constitution is newspaper clippings? There is no law this man will not violate to make a buck.

  5. The only way to fix it is to vote them all out. Register if you haven’t done so, take a day off and make sure you go and vote and remind everyone else to do so. It is important.

    1. @Nanker Phelge
      We live in a Republic not a Democracy..I don’t truly hate anyone ..I’m very upset with our government though on both side’s..

    2. From Australia – please America do this. We are sick and tired of this Trump cult. We want to see an America free from this never ending idiocy.

    1. @Rough Habit Of course you don’t care since you or a family member aren’t US agents in a foreign country. Another patriot like Mango Mussolini and Moskow Mitch.

  6. If I would have stolen a single page which was only classified as confidential…..the FBI would have kicked my door and tossed me in some dungeon and lost the key…..others playing golf.

  7. Trump: “Nice country you’ve got there…
    It’d be a real shame if something bad happened to it…”
    The GOON SQUAD is “…stand(ing) back and stand(ing) by.”

    1. The thing about Donnie is that he only insinuates threats because he doesn’t have the balls to make real ones. That’s how he gets away, by later feigning ignorance.

    1. He has a stack of old mcdonald’s kids menus. It’s not just coloring, its paint by number and a crossword. It’s the exact same menu every day, but he doesn’t know that.

  8. Trump knows how to make clumsy mob-boss threats of violence. Do we have any judges who will admit to knowing his meaning?

    1. @mel welker So true. The real press secretary for the Orange U Tan was Kayleigh “I will never lie to you” McEnany. They had to scrub the Press Secretary podium with industrial strength Lysol when that one left the room.

    2. Well, no it’s not a stretch. She never gave a press briefing but she did hold the job for a while, during which time it was her official title. And at least according to her book, her time in that role coincided with a hold on that type of press briefing. Trump, or Meadows or one of another few of Trump’s minions with the kind of authority to make that kind of decision wanted that kind of daily briefing to stop for a while for some reason at that time, I guess. Not sure if it’s true or not, but that’s according to her. It’s not hard to imagine though.

  9. Getting Stephanie Grisham’s promise that Pat Philbin is a “righteous, moral attorney” is *like a DIRTY COP vouching for the integrity of their partner of 15 years.* _Just consider the source before you accept her word on it._

    1. She rehabilitated herself and the cash keeps pouring in with her disciplinarian schtick. The gal is such a small human being. All the botox and lip injections in the world cannot mask the stench.

  10. Don’t forget about that May 2021 plane flight where Tweety’s accomplices loaded boxes & boxes of something into his getaway jet.

  11. had a MAFIA Boss told a DA there would be big trouble if he got indicted, it would just add 20 years onto a two year sentence he would have gotten for contempt.

  12. And what about the boxes he just put on a plane to his secondary homestead? Ought to warrant up that place as well.

    1. @Jay Cee well I understand how you feel being a trump supporter. You guys are some of the weirdest creation’s on Earth. If you’re not a trump supporter then I’m sorry.

  13. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for children, it’s shocking* VIEDAYS.TK
    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

  14. It’s utterly infuriating that they all knew, and no one said anything at the time. Now they all want to cash in and get pats on the back in retrospect. They’re all complicit. 100%. Deplorable is FAR too nice a word.

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