1. @tinybird memes Trump allowed for bounties to be placed on the heads of US troops. That’s what cost him the election. You see that Biden has already retaliated he bombed ISIS k planner. Trump showed weakness that’s why he’s no longer there.

    2. @Do’s Don’t You said CNN is biased , CNN has been bashing Biden Administration for horrible withdrawal, when was the last time you saw Fox and newsmax pointing out failed miserable covid response from useless pathetic previous administration

    3. @Delta Why do simple thinkers always assume that if you’re being critical of CNN, justifiablly btw, that you’re also going to defend Fox. I’m not defending Fox. However, unlike CNN, they don’t pretend to be unbiased and are you kidding? “Bashing Biden?” Not even close. If Trump had done what Biden has done, they would be calling for his impeachment…again.

    1. @m crestwood Wow, are you kidding, oh I see, you don’t know because you’re part of the far left. Lets start with “systemic racism” There’s no such thing.

    2. @m crestwoodyou couldn’t refute a single policy I stated and social security isn’t a policy it’s something that’s existed for 90 years. The democrats also created Jim Crow laws guess you’re proud of that too huh?

  1. These politicians stop at nothing when fighting for power! It’s a damn shame…RIP to our Brave Heros and those innocent Afghans🙏🏾

    1. @Aaron F Biden should resign. The only US President to be censured in UK Parliament for his bungled mission.

    2. CNN’s Employee John Sullivan’s defense attorney filed invoices with the court that proved CNN and NBC each paying Sullivan’s firm $35,000 last month for inciting the Riot at the capitol and for the video rights to the video he filmed while egging people on during the riots.

    3. @Ryan Elliott “is a work of The Jesuit Order” That’s what the Klingons want you to think. They’re not fooling me.

    1. @Gary Hoffman what about the numbers on sniffy Joe’s watch? Hell with out the orange man greenlighting operation warp speed you still wouldn’t have a vaccine here with the dems in charge.

    2. @Carmen Salgado trump is the one who brokered the original deal to withdraw from Afghanistan. Bidens administration ignored the plan in place because it was the last administration and screwed himself.

    3. CNN is incapable of critical thinking when it comes to the Democrat party and Jim Acosta is one of the worst, totally biased. Make no mistake, he has no interest in the truth, his only interested is pushing far left talking points. CNN”s ratings are abysmal and this video is an example of why.

  2. As a human being, my deepest condolences and respect to all lives lost Marines or Civilians in the terror attack and their families and friends, that were lost in these cowardly attacks

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr How is it hilarious? Naturally opposing sides will have opposite opinions, bravery and cowardice are such qualities. What disgusts me is anyone thinking an attack on civilians is brave. The USA has many faults, but I haven’t spoken to a single person who has condoned air strikes or civilian casualties as brave or a good thing for the people… they will say it saves their troop’s lives in the same breath they say how much they loathe the conflict. Different story for the Taliban, who are celebrating shooting their own women and children in the streets. Evil acts from both sides, but the intent behind and the treatment of such acts speaks volumes toward the character of the people and their culture.

  3. Absolutely. We should unite to remove an senile older person from and hold preoccupied military brass to account. As one.

  4. We are United on the fact that Biden failed at withdrawing US personnel which caused the deaths of US service members.
    Notice how democrats are staying oddly quiet.

    1. I still see dems blaming this on Trump. Lol. Even a 12yo knows that evacuation should begin before military withdrawal. Smh biden.

  5. People should be going after people like Acosta and his network. He helped elect incompetence. He is part of the problem. You deserve some of the criticism.

    1. We’re paying a guy to arm the terrorists and taking hundreds of Americans hostage, while disarming those back home.

  6. We did unify Jim! For the first time in a long time the country unified against this incompetent administration. Even cnn was hammering them.

  7. “We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead. We cannot turn back.”.

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