Actor Lance Reddick from ‘The Wire’ and ‘John Wick dies at 60 | USA TODAY


  1. That man looked super healthy. What was the natural cause? Why so vague? I’m sorry for his family.

    1. If you’re not caught up on your boosters then now will be a good time to do it, not that’s it’s any of my business though.

  2. Legendary voice actor he will never be forgotten,his voice will live on forever in all his memorable roles.

    1. I was lucky enough to meet him just a few months ago at a convention. He was so nice and looked great. I play D2 so much and I’ve always been playfully annoyed by Zavala the character he voices, but this hurts.

  3. He was great! His voice was legendary in all his movies and games like Horizon Zero Dawn. RIP brother.

  4. It’s crazy how we live in a society where half the people think they are obviously bioweapons and other half thinks they need them to thrive.

  5. Lance Reddick had such a strong face. I’ve always thought that about him. His face was very interesting. I’m sorry to hear about his passing.

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