Adam Sandler roasted by Dana Carvey, David Spade and Rob Schneider during Mark Twain Prize tribute

‘Saturday Night Live’ alums Dana Carvey, David Spade, and Rob Schneider crack jokes and pay tribute to their friend Adam Sandler’s accomplished career as he accepted the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
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  1. Rob Schneider has an amazing voice. I feel like he always lived under Adam’s shadow, but he deserves more credit. Just like Dana Carvey with Mike Myers and David Spade with Chris Farley (RiP). These comedians are all so talented.

  2. These guys are like my entire childhood and adult life. Every stage of my life has had something that involved Adam, Dave or Rob 😂. They’re the best of friends and funny as hell. I love seeing all of them together and just being themselves ❤❤

    1. @Marielle Saba You ever pass a car accident and can’t look away? Or see two wild animals fighting in nature? Sometimes things are simply so grotesques, you feel compelled to watch them.

    1. @ROOKTABULA Ikr. When someone makes a kind public gesture make sure their past mistakes are never forgotten or forgiven.

    1. Saw his stand up around 2011, I was surprised how good and professional he is. Has beautiful blue eyes and is really cute in person 🙂

    1. Go listen to his Farley song — and then try to tell me Adam doesn’t really love and appreciate his friends!

  3. Wonderful tribute to Adam! Thanks for all the laughs and hopefully more to come😂😂😂😂!!!!!!

  4. Adam Sandler is a good guy. He shot Hustle in Philly and he was so kind and down to earth with everyone he worked with and met.

    1. I would say Sandler and Keanu are the two nicest people in Hollywood — you only ever hear good things about them, never anything nasty

    1. Well, it’s not like he knows how to be funny like the other guys so, think that was the only route available there for him

  5. Adam Sandler’s a great guy, who else would try to go out of their way to help someone who just hit him with a car (rob), plus I’m still convinced that he only does movies so his friends can still find work. He’s like an employment agency for old snl cast members.

  6. We’re so lucky to have this set of comedic friends in our lifetime. Thank you for the laughter and sweet memories.

    1. I’m a Gen X’er and I really miss the SNL days when Sandler, Spade, and Farley ruled that show — those were great times

    2. @Fred Werza Same, my older brother and I, Gen X’er born in ’75 and ’77, we grew up on that era SNL (Hans and Franz with Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey), Sandler, Spade, Farley, Mike Myers, the Rich Meister and the rest of that awesomely funny crew. Those were great times indeed. I miss those days

    1. Go listen to his Farley song — and then try to tell me Adam doesn’t really love and appreciate his friends!

  7. It’s wonderful and heartwarming to see a fact in a successful life embodied by Adam Sandler in taking care and appreciating others in your own journey.

    Success is never a lonewolf story. It always involves others.

    Adam Sandler is surely a rare gem and a person to emulate by anyone.

  8. Sandler is like a gift to humanity and, imo, deserves to be awarded as such. He showed half my generation how to be decent good men through creative genius with moral compass. 🥇

  9. I was not expecting for Schneider to go so deep. That was a really sweet and awesome tribute. The love in this comedy family is palpable.

    1. I’d do the same for a great friend. They’ve been friends before Sandler became famous. Rob’s tribute was the most heartfelt tbh.

  10. That left a tear in my eye. Man, you can feel the sincerity and genuineness in Rob’s appreciation to Adam Sandler. ❤

  11. I absolutely love how at the end his daughter was watching her dad react knowing how much it means to him. You can tell she adores her dad.

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