1. This isn’t cancel culture. This is just a big company dropping one of their many brand ambassadors/endorser for violating their contract (on hate speech). No different than firing an employee for violating their employment terms (on hate speech).

      Kanye is free to endorse other product brands. Also he’s already rich and a celebrity. Worry about yourself, your rent/mortgage, and your next meal.

    2. @Just Another Guy you do realize Adidas is sponsoring a sporting event in a country that is known for funding and harboring terrorists?

    1. @Michael S nope! That was just an evaluation based off partnerships and deals!!! His liquid worth is far less and dropping!!! Lawsuits are coming and he will end up losing a great deal of his liquid value after that!!!

    2. @hollow yes, but not sure if his ego will stand this. Don’t forget he suffers form Grandiose Narcissism. He must be admired, on the top and feel the sense of importance. The money itself won’t fulfil this need. He’s going down.

  1. Now he’s toxic and I doubt there is any business out there that will throw him a lifeline.
    Well I guess they showed him!

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