Aerial footage: Destruction in Barrie, Ont. after powerful neighbourhood hit by EF-2 tornado 1

Aerial footage: Destruction in Barrie, Ont. after powerful neighbourhood hit by EF-2 tornado


Aerial video from the CTV News helicopter shows the damage to a swath of homes in Barrie.Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:

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    1. HARRP close but wrong spelling not Alaska anymore it’s there satalights lazer’s beam’s warming the earth causing the destruction and don’t forget about Google Earth looking into your home’s check out a big city like Toronto the go on street view they won’t focus it fine line for you but for themselves they can read that came paper your reading while you are sitting in your house by the window….

  1. wonder how much weather modification had to play with this event. the things the government wont talk about…………..

    1. weather modification? are you fking stupid? Why would the government hit themselves with it? They’d rather hit another country to weaken them.

  2. Look how brick covered houses sustained way less damage than these covered with siding. Also, based on damage observation, plywood roofs are much better than chipboard roofs.

    1. these houses are built so cheaply yet they cost a fortune on the market, of course the brick covered houses are much stronger and cost little more

    2. @Julia Watson Exterior wall consisting of siding, polystyrene, and lightweight drywall. You can break into the house thru such wall with your bare hands. Builders definitely have maximized their profits.

  3. I think you meant to put Powerful before EF2 Tornado , not before neighborhood

    That storm was pretty crazy yesterday though, I live just outside Orillia and it was violent here, thankfully we didnt get hit directly by the Tornado. That destruction looks tragic, I hope everyone is going to recover and be mostly okay. It could have been worse.

  4. One of the damaged houses has its roof shifted over, but not completely pulled off the house.
    I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Usually the roof is completely torn off and thrown.

    1. Not enough nails someone cutting corners saving money on nails… Or not getting nails into the roof joists …

  5. That one house with the roof twisted looked to me like poor quality work and not enough nails kinda like shabby work if you ask me…
    Saving on nails… Cutting corners…same with a few other places looked like not enough nails…

  6. So very sad!!! Mother Nature is sometimes not to nice!!! Praise the Lord there were not any fatalities!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Barrie!!!

  7. *Your insurance representative can confirm the coverage you have with your current policy. Damage to homes caused by a tornado, including wind and rain, is usually covered, such as:

    Losses caused by flying debris or fallen trees and/or branches.
    Losses to your home and contents from water entering through openings suddenly caused by wind.
    Damage to vehicles from wind or water, if you have comprehensive coverage as part of your policy. This coverage is optional, so check with your insurance representative to see what coverage you have purchased.
    In certain circumstances, homeowners who are unable to stay in their homes because of insured damage may be entitled to additional living expenses* Still, a very traumatic experience and our hearts go out to those homeowners

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