After conflicting statements, police affirm University of Idaho killings were ‘targeted’

After a day of confusing statements, police investigating last month's killings of four University of Idaho students emphasized they still believe the attack was targeted — though they haven't concluded "if the target was the residence or its occupants."#cnn #News


  1. I think even for a small town of 25.000 people, the moscow idaho police are making fools of themselves. not as bad as uvalde, but still embarrassing. the original announcement that there was no danger to the community, when they knew so little about what happened that they didn’t even have a suspect, was bizarrely stupid!

    1. It’s very frustrating. I’m worried we may be dealing with a serial killer. The FBI has warehouses full of cold serial murder cases. Our track record with serial killers is not good.

  2. I don’t see how it makes any difference targeted, untargeted –it doesn’t change the outcome, the nature of the evidence, DNA evidence won’t change. This is not a TV show, things take time.
    Patience is called for.

    1. If it’s untargeted it just means someone walked past the house went in as a stranger then left with little reason for picking that house besides time/place/whim. This random stranger/traveler is harder to pinpoint or find.

      (Serial killer type, their motive doesn’t relate to the history of the individual just more of that moment… a cool car to steal in a driveway take it for a spin is different then stealing your bosses/ex/family’s car. It was a target but it’s not because of who you were if was over some other personal reason besides it being you/yours mostly acquiring for personal pleasure. )

      If it’s targeted then the killer was stalking 1/4 of the victims if not all of them, for a reason. There had to be a paper trail/physical trail if not preparation or intent.

      (Upset stalker) they some how physically/digitally saw or met the individual and disliked them to the point of harming them. The dislike for that individual is what makes it targeted. It’s strange that there isn’t a big back and forth antagonism between the deceased and anyone yet. Meaning it could have been a slight altercation forgotten about that then snowballed into this. Or unbelievable jealously/anger over the others lifestyle compared to their everyday.

      This option means there’s possible multiple interactions between the deceased and the killer/killers, or multiple times the killed interacted unbeknownst to the victims. (Had to figure out class schedules/when they got home/who to they hangout with/do they work/do they travel to places.)

      We don’t know if they wanted one person and decided to take the others out so there was no witnesses or planned to take out all four at once and prepped for that. But we know the person had a link to someone in the group.

  3. And how many police cases are actually solved, or we find out later there was negligence, incompetence or lack of communications between departments during the investigation.

    1. @Sandra Leigh seems like you know very little assuming one person applying for a job will fix all unsolved cases.

    2. Yeah it’s called Monday morning quarterbacking. I’m worried that we may be dealing with a serial killer. Our track record of catching serial murderers is not good. Call me crazy but I blame the killers for that. If your really that frightened get a gun.

    1. Puh-lease. Cops take longer to bust teenage pot dealers then they have with this.
      They’ll know who the pot dealer is but it still takes them a minute until they bust them.

    2. I am worried that we might be dealing with a serial killer. Our track record of catching serial murderers is not good.

    3. Taking too long? FFS its only been 18 days! They haven’t even got the DNA results back yet. Other forensic tests like fibre evidence can take even longer to process/analyse.

      Give the investigators some time. This isn’t a TV show like CSI where all the evidence comes together nicely in a short period of time. In reality murder cases take a lot of time and effort.

      Also a case will not go cold so early in the investigation. Usually a case is considered cold if it has gone about a year without any significant leads.

      We have to be patience and let the PD/FBI do their job.

  4. Seems likely, given the difficulty of killing four people without leaving any evidence, this guy has had some type of skills or training to be able to kill, and planned it out, first degree murder. Wasn’t just some crazy guy randomly chose that house when he had a few too many beers. Maybe he got rejected by one of the girls, maybe he just likes to kill.

    1. Myth # 5 Serial killers are all insane. I am worried we may be dealing with a serial murderer. Our history of catching serial killers is not good.

  5. The negativity and assumptions in Thais thread are frightening. Rumors can ruin a persons life. Wait for the facts.

  6. I don’t know why everyone thinks that “targeted” makes it any better. The killers next victims could be “targeted” too.

    1. Targeted means there’s a link between the killer and victims.

      There’s prior interactions or knowledge of the victim that requires some level of research/focus. Meaning there should be a trail or documented interaction/dispute somewhere. Or jealousy which also requires knowing the person actively. The crime was about the victims it was personal.

      Untargeted just means a stranger saw a house went ‘yup’ and waltz in. There isn’t a connect to the person through knowing or hating the victim it’s more about time/place correlating with the killers wims/desires. And harder to find a killer when they could have picked anybody/any house. (Anyone/thing fit the killers fancy, they want it they got it The Who/what/when/where is more interchangeable; the activity is what was desired)

    2. @Erin Slyth Great explanation. I guess I just meant that if the killer has feelings about doing it again, then they would. I’m sure if whatever the killer had against them, it isn’t unlikely that he could do it to someone else that he has similar feelings towards. Hence the reason targeted doesn’t really make a difference to me. Since the killer is unknown as of now, everyone is still fair game.. I understand the technical difference between targeted and not.. just saying that people shouldn’t be any less cautious about the situation..

  7. This police service is so dysfunctional. They immediately came out and said that there was no risk to the public. Despite knowing literally nothing. They’re acting like rumors are evidence. It seems like they have no clue what they’re doing

  8. If you live in a small town you know just how incompetent rural Sheriff’s departments are. Most of them have associates degrees, nothing more. They weren’t at the top of their class. Don’t expect extraordinary things from ordinary people.

    1. You think a bachelors or doctorate would make a difference?
      😆 🤣 😂
      Anyone with a brain avoids law enforcement.

  9. This is so sad and heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of those students. I hope the perpetrator gets caught soon.

    1. I hope so too, but I’m worried that we may be dealing with a serial killer. If that’s the case this could be really hard to solve. Our history in catching serial killers is not good.

    2. @Samuel Pope
      True. It would take a long time for a perpetrator to have the confidence to kill 4 people in one go. A person doesn’t wake up on day and just decide to kill 4 people. There must have been some planning involved in this massacre. It’s extremely unlikely that this would be the perpetrators first murder. Unless the police have a big breakthrough with forensic evidence or an important tip from the public this will be a hard case to solve.

      Whether it’s a stranger or someone known to the victims, this could take a long time to resolve. A serial killer is not out of the question. The police will have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure. Hope they have the sense to ask the FBI for assistance when they need it.

  10. Moscow PD: “This was definitely a focused, targeted attack against arbitrary, incidental, completely random victims.”

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