After Floyd Death, LeBron James Puts ‘Activism Into Action’ With New Voter Rights Group | MSNBC


    1. @Margaret Nicol that is why so many american ladies are lonely and ladies cant just simply accept a compliment and let it have to be uptight and all political about everything

    2. @martin clarke Maybe that’s because it’s a VERY political topic – not a beauty contest? She’s a beautiful girl but the topic is not.

    3. @Margaret Nicol so you can only say a woman is beautiful if she is in a beauty contest? American are too serious sometimes…

  1. I’m renting an old school bus & I’m going to offer Free rides to the Polling stations to minorities, senior citizens & handicapped people!

    1. Baby drumphf 🤦🏻‍♂️ Public Transportation Services do not charge on election days so that citizens have any and all means of transportations available to them so that they maybe able to go to the polls and cast their vote.

  2. Great work so many people have been disenfranchised from Democracy through voter suppression and purging of electoral rolls and mass closure of polling stations.

    1. @Ricky Spanish pitiful attempt at distraction. Populist rhetoric and slogans are ineffective tactics in a crisis.

  3. A million “Thank yous” to Mr. Labron James for all the good that you do. May God bless you and America. 🇺🇸♥️🙏

  4. It’s my Sincere Hope that LeBron’s involvement will be the voice that brings Real Change to the way that America thinks about this injustice.. Akron has Always been a Community Centered city, and we have been proud of Him and Everyone in this town.. LeBron has Never forgotten Who he is, and How he was able to Move Forward.. The man is an inspiration to all of the people who have Hopes and Dreams.. It’s time to finally correct the injustices that have plagued this Country for Far Too Long.. Lary

    AND MAIL IN VOTING – So simple.. just like DMV renewal for plates…
    MAIL IN VOTE !!!

  6. Let’s send Trump’s favorite phrase (and the only one he gets right) back at him, “YOU’RE FIRED!” VOTE!!!!!

    1. @Vic Una You’re right, we’re all human and imperfect, but there is a limit to what is acceptable when it comes to presidential imperfection!!

    2. @pepoppins yes and in this case we have to choose from Biden and Trump.
      Biden is way better than trump. So let us say we are losing four years. I will prefer to still have our country after four years than loss our country.
      General Mattis is warning us all.

    3. @Vic Una For most of us, we are one people, one nation. We are SO much better than Trump’s America! Thanks for the link; I’m all in for America and not at all in for Trump’s personality cult!

  7. They should also use their money to employ lawyers to make sure the Republicans don’t reduce voting !

  8. The big change is that when brutality and racism occurs someone records what you do or say. They then share it with the world!!!

  9. She’s well spoken and intelligent young lady and were talented too.. thank you for speaking up and keep the fire 🔥 going..

    1. @Vic Una All his life. His ’94 crime bill jailed more blacks than anyone ever. He’s made racist comments his entire career. Read.

    2. @Black Magic I am not brain washed. I am telling you the truth it is that simple. Anyone with common sense will understand what is happening in our country. All the deplorables are uniting while our country is divided. We can’t give Trump another 4 years if we all want to be sane.

    3. @Black Magic the crime bill. Biden had good intentions. The bill as every other bill has good and bad. When things are bad the right thing to do is to change the bad to good. A man that tells you he knows everything more than everyone is lying and you know. Only God knows everything. Remember he got impeached because of Biden and there is a reason for that.
      You are the one that is being brain washed.

  10. Remind me, when was Laura Ingraham elected to political office? Her argument that people not elected to office shouldn’t have a voice on political matters is absolutely absurd, and it ironically disqualifies her own show from ever being aired.


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