After Impeachment, Trump Faces Legal Woes On Multiple Fronts | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

After Impeachment, Trump Faces Legal Woes On Multiple Fronts | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


While the threat of an impeachment conviction is now over for Trump, MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal walks us through the other potential legal troubles the former president faces. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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After Impeachment, Trump Faces Legal Woes On Multiple Fronts | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. And there’s talk of a stir in Scotland, because their laws allow looking into how one’s assets were obtained. If they seem to be from suspicious funding, they may be seized.

    1. They issued a warning to him not to travel to Scotland after his defeat, citing they didn’t want to deal with his sulking.

    1. @Roy Younger Correct. Apparently the permit Trump filed for only allowed the mob to be where the ellipse was if that. He told them to march down to the capitol… that was not in the permit and a breech of the law.

    2. @Donno Mcdonno who even mentioned defunding the police? And where do you get off insulting someone on being a man or if they are single just because they make a political comment?

    3. @Susan Morgan,
      feasting on dog poo fairy tales.
      Say it isn’t so.
      ” it’s incredible some people eat whatever they are spoon fed without question. “

  2. Mr Pinocchio in chief is so used that the enablers save him that he thinks he is going to escape from all the lies he said. Going through his life one understands that he did all his life. Comploting and escape. But I have the impression that this time the exit door is hidden. No respect for the country or the people or the constitution. It is serious. Be well and safe all of you

    1. One could argue that he is the biggest con man in the history of America. But as with all things, karma eventually catches up with you.

    2. LIKE all “con-men”….they don’t expect others to “keep track” of their “lies”…..he has or STILL will…. “paint himself into a corner of his own making”.

    3. Not to put too fine a point on it .. but make that the EX-Pinocchio in chief.. Has a better ring to it…. LOL ; D

  3. May Trump and his family have endless lawsuits against them till the end of their lives. May they be so bankrupt and poor that all the people they shun, they become a part of. Karma needs to visit them soon!

    1. @Red Dwarf lol Mary Trump saw you coming and took your money with her BS book. There’s a fortune to be made from TDS.

    2. @zenoist2 Sure , all those people who attacked our country , looking to assassinate Pence and Pelosi, murdered the police officers were all full of love like Trump says? I love you and you are special people?

    1. @Richard Christie Not saying it doesn’t. Much need for improvement. But allowing the country to turn into a Fascist state is definitely NOT the answer. More and more Progressives are being voted in and more will be as the younger generation takes hold. Established Dems are part of the problem too , but staunch ” good ol’ boy ” right wingers must go first. A couple of steps at a time. Sudden coups rarely work and if they do succeed nothing of value is ever gained.

    2. @Richard Christie Shouldn’t, because in general, or in this case specifically?,.. Well:
      1st. If you aren’t, you really shouldn’t express yourself so explicitly about things that you have nothing to do with. 2nd. Why try and put other people down in another country that you’re not even a part of? 3rd. You actually () wrote “we” in your _first_ post about Muller, literally, which either makes you a liar, or just a gutless, weak guy who can’t even stand by your own words that people shouldn’t take a stand, which makes you even more immature, gutless and deceiving.
      At least stand up for your initial weakness.

      So, should I assume that I was right about you being an American? – Ok, thank you!

    3. @Dog Poo FairyDemocrats dont know how to function without the aid of a teleprompter . They would have to circle back over and over again lol !

    4. @Chris Here’s an English lesson for you. We is an inclusive pronoun, the definition of which includes no reference to nationality. It can refer to any group commonality, for example shared politics, age groups, races, participants in a forum etc etc etc. Assuming nationality was your error, own it. Instead, you go full ad hominem.

    1. It’s a huge hope for millions…the sociopathic narcissist was never a president, he was a mob boss/ grifter in office.

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy I never said what I did and didn’t believe, you’re the one shouting ‘the truth’ for everyone to hear. You’re the one who seems to be believing everything you have read. You’re the one disputing everything comment that doesn’t agree with your views.

  4. Using power and money, Trump has evaded the law all of his life. I will be happy when he is finally brought to justice.

    1. @Helen Thomas Trump lost the election because he is too stupid and too weak to be an effective leader. Biden is in the Whitehouse while Trump is in the Outhouse; which is where he belongs.

    2. I have to admit I really enjoyed the schadenfreude of watching Trump lose the election. You’ve seen the rise of Trump. Stand back and watch the fall. It has already begun.

  5. Trump is going to win himself right into bankruptcy and a jail cell! He’s going to be sick of winning when everyone is through with him.

  6. t’rump: “Individual 1? No, I don’t know him. You’ll have to ask him.”
    DoJ: “Uh, that’s you, by the way.”

  7. All options must be exhausted if only to get trump locked up for life! His tax evasion cases must pin him down!

  8. A malignant narcissist who cares more about himself rather than his own party, or even America for that matter. It takes a special type of sociopath to have that mentality.

  9. Yeah sure he does, wake me when somebody actually convicts this untouchable man of anything, I’ll even accept jaywalking, the way things are going now I’ll be asleep forever.

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