AG Barr: ‘Serious Irregularities’ In Facility Where Jeffrey Epstein Died | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

AG Bill Barr shares details on the "failure to adequately secure" Jeffrey Epstein, says that "we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation."
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AG Barr: 'Serious Irregularities' In Facility Where Jeffrey Epstein Died | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @Crystal Giddens she probably won’t get fired , our system is full of useless beauracrats

    2. Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach children despite Epstein having no qualifications. His personal connections with Epstein are too much. I don’t trust William Barr at all with this case.

    1. I DON’T think Hillary Clinton had anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein’s murder—I mean unexpected suicide. And she really feels sad about Julian Assange’s and James Comey’s upcoming suicides in the near future as well.

      She harbors absolutely no murderous rage toward Mr. Assange or the James Comey and DOES NOT blame them for her humiliating 2016 election loss. It’s all just blood under the bridge at this point.

      (Am I off the Clinton hit list now? P.S. …And Hilary has “suicide.”)

    1. @Rodney Boehner but now you’re on Trumps hit list…..trump had the MOST to lose with Epstein alive….

    1. Are you suggesting that Barr might be taking an interest because someone close to him needs protecting?
      You must believe that if Barr does get involved there will be no partisan influence used to distract or deflect the truth should something embarrassing arise from it.

  1. First check would be bank accounts of anyone working in or around the prison including the medical people who took him from suicide watch answers need to be in full

    1. Some conspiracy said Barr was in NY and the prison on Saturday, is this smoke to put him beyond reproach. Has Barr personally put himself between things like the secret DVDs taken from Epstein’s safe, did he filter those DVDs before they were processed by the FBI.

    2. @bella roja they will have the power and ability to hide it easier but prison staff and others not used to shady financial deals they all need looked at , years ago Robert maxwell who stole 4 billion i think it was never fell of a boat he clearly went in to hiding i hear his daughter is doing the same its all corrupt

    1. Isn’t Barr’s DOJ Department who charged Epstein in the first place? Doest the SDNY under his control? Your foolishness is easily debunked.

    2. @J N Barr couldn’t hide the mountain of evidence against Epstein. Now he’s just trying to cover up what he can to protect himself and Trump.

  2. Barr is an actor, showing such a sorrow face but in fact, he did something behind. Former mobster and gangster said that he witnessed Bill Net visited Epstein just a day before the death of Epstein. Barr did something or said to Epstein to do, to conceal further implication of Trump’s involvement. Go figure it!
    It may be another attempt to avoid the Trump’s prisonment does not occur in this prison. Barr us dirty already. He does not have any right to say. Hr did not recuse himself even though he was involved in the Epstein’s crimes.

    1. Tom Krohn Barr has no credibility left. Him saying the words mean nothing. Just a whole lot of yada, yada, yada.

  3. Bill Barr was jealous that his dad paid more attention to Epstein in the 70s than his own son. And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon…

  4. Except he visited the prisoner before he died AND Barr’s dad was also connected to Epstein so his statement is worth absolutely nothing

    1. The very fact that liar Barr and Murdoch network are keen on investigating this case should make everyone get ready for the worse..
      This will be a full attack against the Clinton, SDNY and much more …and only for one purpose to disturb the current house investigations and create ciaos…
      It will be a big blow and it will be entirely dedicated to the Trump base after failing to prove the earlier Clinton’s pizza hack.
      the fact that Barr himself is interested on prosecuting it…this should be understood as an offense against Democrat as whole.
      Which should raise questions over Barr’s involvement on his death in the first place. William Barr is more dangerous than Trump

  5. I’ve wonder why no one is asking him why he personally had the CCTV recorder removed from his cell🤔

    Would it be because his dad was a frequent visitor to pedophile island and a frequent flyer on the lolita Express?

  6. I don’t trust William Barr. I believe that if any powerful person faces exposure, Barr will try to either hide it or undercut it for political purposes.

    1. Barr is a Jew who is there to run phony investigations into other Jews. He will use this to try to go for prison reform instead of looking for other Jewish pedophiles who will eventually be exposed.

  7. Patriots have it all including videos. This only speeds up the pedo trials. All evidence collected from Epstein can not be thrown out or contested in court against other pedos involved now.

    1. Correct. Epstein’s defense attorney’s can’t contest avenues of inquiry that may violate their clients rights. He got no rights, he dead. Bubba made Epstein wear a dress and they played tea party, to death.

    1. Yes because Israel doesn’t extradite Jews no matter the country or the crime. Israel is just the base of International Judah.

  8. The Governor of New Mexico, Prince Andrew,
    a Senator of Maine all went to Lolita Island. The government is full of Pedophiles

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