AG Merrick Garland travels to Ukraine, vows to pursue war criminals | USA TODAY

Attorney General Merrick Garland made an unannounced trip to Ukraine to join President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the United for Justice Conference.

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Garland said that the U.S., in partnership with Ukraine and the international community, also has opened criminal investigations into war crimes that may violate U.S. law.

"Although we are still building our cases, interviewing witnesses, and collecting evidence, we have already identified specific suspects. Our prosecutors are working day and night to bring them to justice as quickly as possible," Garland said.

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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that happen. He can’t or won’t prosecute insurrectionist above a pay grade level or title in his own country.

  2. Hypocrisy at its finest!
    USA should integrate the international court of justice and the human rights council in order to face their responsibilities/accountabilities for all their crimes and be judged for them

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