Ahmaud Arbery killing: Charge conference held after tense testimony | USA TODAY 1

Ahmaud Arbery killing: Charge conference held after tense testimony | USA TODAY


Charge conference held after days of tense testimony in death of Ahmaud Arbery trial in Georgia.
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The man seen on video fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery acknowledged that Arbery did not threaten him during a chase and that he could've stopped following him before the defense rested its case on Thursday.

Travis McMichael also told prosecutors he did not tell police some of the details about the pursuit that he shared in court on Wednesday.

McMichael took the stand early Thursday for cross-examination after testifying for about three hours Wednesday during which he broke down while describing the final moments of his confrontation with Arbery on Feb. 23, 2020. He was the first of seven witnesses called by the defense and told the jury he wanted to share his "side of the story."

The attorneys for McMichael's co-defendants, his father, Gregory, and neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan, did not present cases before the defense rested. Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday morning.

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    1. @P Mar Imagine strangers chasing your son with guns. You would be so angry, yet because this poor man was black you cannot see that.

  1. My heart just goes out to his mother having to sit there and listen to them criminalize her son he was a beautiful young man. This hurts so much being a mother of black children seeing what she endures hits home.

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  3. Interesting seeing the State arguing against itself using jurisprudence from cases the State would be charging the victim.

    Moreover she is wayyyy overcharging, piling on charges hoping something will stick…will only serve to confuse the jury..this will end up backfiring against the prosecution.

    1. You’re out in left field. This charging conference is not about the crimes with which the defendants are charged. It’s about the instructions that will be given to the jury. The judge will “charge” the jury with fulfilling their solemn duty and explain to them each law the defendants are being accused of breaking. He will explain the rules of evidence to them.

      The purpose of the conference is for the judge to tell the attorneys on both sides what his instructions will be and to entertain objections and exceptions. For example, there is a discussion about the appropriateness of the term “accomplice”, and both defense and prosecution ask the judge to remove that part of the instructions.

      Your lack of understanding is excusable. Criminal Procedure is a complicated topic. Because each trial is different, a good judge navigates these complications with care to afford fairness to both the defense and the prosecutors. This is why a good judge is an experienced legal professional, and why you and I aren’t really qualified for the job.

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