Al Sharpton: ‘If Your Obligation As An Officer Doesn’t Kick In, Do You’ve Any Humanitarian In You?’

Al Sharpton: ‘If Your Obligation As An Officer Doesn’t Kick In, Do You've Any Humanitarian In You?’ 1


  1. When will all this end? This behaviour is unacceptable. It’s time to call it what it is.. murder.

    1. Akashick Love birthed from slavery? So the slavery was here and then it made the country? I’ve heard of the “original sin” argument but “birthed from”? Tell me more.


    3. Agreed. Murder with forethought. They knew what they were doing and had no fear of the consequences. It was a snuff video produced by the police and filmed by a citizen. It was a lynching.

    1. @Robert Williams
      The GOP, like the DNC, are merely products of a sick and dysfunctional society.

    2. Jim Battersbee no it hasnt the infrastructure still exists and migrants and prisoners are still being forced into slavery

    1. Riots will and MUST continue until they arrest all of the cops who were complicit with this execution

    2. Rioting doesn’t solves nothing all it does is make for division which equals civil war. What these cops did was horrific and sickening and there sould be more people held accountable.

    3. So what about the idiots on an absolute rampage? Is torching a police station not enough to think violence is these morons next direction. If people in this country are concerned about rioters best interests we have lost our minds. And like the people that seem to think trump murdered 100k from virus say when someone sais its not that dangerous what if it killed your loved one. Well what if a group on an absolute rampage killed your loved one? You people finaly have real news other than corona nonscence and its just another way to trash our elected comander in chief

  2. Without a peaceful resolution there will be violent revolution. Hundreds of years of unchecked and ignored systemic racism have come to a head. I lived through the L.A. riots, nothing changed. Now is the time. Black people built this country and are still treated as horribly. I as a black woman shouldn’t have to fear the people I pay to protect me.

    1. @Willem v o I don’t believe in violence or destuction, but I understand the sadness and anger. Thank you for your support!💙 racism will only end when people unite and stand up. We are all humans.

    2. @Jimmy Lewis thank you so much! We need to unite as one voice against treating other humans this way.

    3. You are absolutely right. Enough is enough, Eva-Marie. We need police officers we can rely on and respect. ALL of us. Are they well enough paid, trained, selected? Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed and now. The decent police officers should be standing with us and until they do that, I see no decent police officers, only cowards who are helping to prop up a corrupt system. I do not respect ANY of them. I’m white. I swear, I’ve had enough too. At the end of the day, Decent people all want Decent Police Officers. Only scum supports officers murdering people. Time to sort it out.

    4. What are your thoughts about the shooting of Daniel Shaver? Never heard of it? He was an unarmed white man who was shot and killed by a white cop in 2016.. it was on video. The cop was acquitted and retained by the department. There’s stories like this all the time..In fact majority of people killed by police are white. What I’m saying is maybe policing in general has become too aggressive…to everyone. The media only reports what they want to

    1. Remember that if your lives are in danger whatever you do don’t call the cops…. call people you respect, somebody from the hood

    2. Glad they did , but it didn’t stop the thieving looters and arsonists though , did it?

    3. Gary Johnson see you are part of the problem you a hole, there will always be a few disruptors and their anger spills over and they land up hurting themselves by doing destructive and violent things. But let’s acknowledge how they’ve been driven to this by inaction. for you to insinuate that the first thought that goes through a black person’s head is to get a TV shows just how racist and disgusting of a human being you are. You are the type of people that we will stand up against we will try to educate you, And the first part of that education is opinions like this are ignorant and racist

    4. Stella Devers

      1st – I’m not Gary J.
      2nd- Seek help for your substance abuse.
      3rd – Statistically speaking MORE WHITES die at the hands of cops in this Country EVERY-YEAR
      4th – Every EVERY time Africans “ Protest “ in ANY city in this Country they start STEALING $hit and Burning $hit down, which falls back on the Tax payer to pay the bill. I haven’t done ANYTHING to ANY African in my WHOLE LIFE , Got It ! I didn’t murder Mr George

    5. Stella Devers

      You Z*ipper head.

      These African that are “ Protesting “ has made this Country look like Mosul Iraq , a third world $hit hole , you wouldn’t know anything about that, but I do.

  3. This is not just a killing this is murder while wearing a badge and it’s been happening for to long time,
    When you hear governor Tim Walz today at a news conference say we dont know what actually caused this problem, that says to everyone where he really stands on the matter.
    All i can say to the governor then is you reap what you sow !!!

    1. Ikr. That part choked me up. My mother has died too. 4 years ago from breast cancer. I lost her when I was 23.

    2. @Tamra Alexander Yes. And I’m not talking ‘God’ or ‘religion’, I’m talking Humanity. Whatever was happening in his mind in those last moment, he definitely felt her presence and called out. I’ll focus on improving Justice on this earth (we have NONE) but I’d like to think he’s with her now. The sad thing is, he is no longer with us. He’s no longer able to use his voice, his strength – to help us. Seen too many good people perish at the hands of monsters who go unpunished.

    3. @Tamra Alexander He saw his mom. Do you really think that is possible. It’s 2020 not 645. Prob time to leave the goat herder mentality of the 6th century behind.


  4. The full quote for those wondering is ” it takes a village to raise a child. If the child doesn’t feel the warmth from the village, they will burn the village down to feel the warmth of the fire. “

  5. My respect and love for Rev Sharpton grows exponentially as the years go by. He has made such an impact in this world throughout the course of my life.

    1. Wake up! #LockUpAlSharpton for declaring “WHAT DO WE WANT?” “DEAD COPS!” replied his misinformed goons in case you wonder why Cops now do a take no prisoners approach to blacks!

  6. I definitely agree with what they’re saying I’m not even an American I’m a person from Canada. And there’s people all around the world that watch this crap everyday on our television sets for decades upon decades. Of American cop killing men women and children of colour. It is only in the United States that this is allowed most countries do not accept this. It is not tolerated by our police force and true democracies. This is a stain on the United States and under Donald Trump it is just getting worse and worse. The majority of the world believe that the United States is not going to survive this this pandemic their race is attitude President Donald Trump and this Republican party with Mitch McConnell and the other jackasses with the red hat more on Brigade. We all know that this is going to end in blood. The writing is on the wall we know what’s going to happen in November and it’s not going to be good we are literally watching the Meltdown of the United States

  7. When Amy Klobuchar was a Minnesota D.A refused to prosecute the policy involved in Lloyd’s death.

  8. Trump got red flagged again for Glorifying Violence on Twitter. His executive order went nowhere. Lol, what a putz.

  9. The title bar on this video should read:

    1. @Romulus agreed! But, Sharpton is a snake, worm, liar, troll, and profiteer. Looks to drive wedge and work all of us against each other

  10. The video speeks a thousand words + some. These officers killed this man and needs to be charged for murder. Nothing else need to be said!

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