Alabama Congresswoman Sounds Alarm On Virus In Her State | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Alabama Congresswoman Sounds Alarm On Virus In Her State | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. As a New Yorker I feel your pain. Stay home! That man in the white house only cares about numbers helping him. We gotta get him out.

    1. @Elizabeth notthe queen AWww, poor Karen. You don’t like hearing facts so you want to report people? haha. You are so soft. Get your Kleenex ready, you’ll be needing them AGAIN.

    2. @Eddy Hanson oh my gosh. he is not Jesus Christ. Whats wrong with you . Igotta go . I thought I’d catch up on the news. Ill be back after the election. God bless us all

    3. @SouthSide Chicago Dear Kevin, you don’t intimidate me nor does anyone supporting trump.

  2. What are the world numbers, based on Countries that have Universal Health Care and the US (no health care).
    No Health Care = people avoid treatment due to financial ruin!

    1. No Health Care then they are not counted as Covid deaths. Trump wants to FAKE THE NUMBERS. Sorry, real people, not imaginary money.

    2. Sorry to upset your theory, but the UK invented universal healthcare free to all at the point of delivery and we have the highest death rate from CV-19 per 100 thousand population in the world.
      Macho political posturing by the corrupt goons too many people think it’s a great idea to vote for is entirely resonsible for excess deaths.

  3. She would have my vote for president in 10 – 15 years. Love her common sense and ability to speak proficiently.

    1. @Nikki Travis The problem is you don’t get to decide whether or not someone is offended by something you’ve said. You only get to apologize or clarify that that was not your intent. You keep saying that you didn’t attack his beliefs but that was not my point, you attacked his right to STATE his beliefs whatever they are. Stating his belief opened it up to discussion… wasn’t that YOUR point?

    2. @Journi2Me No don’t remove it, that’s what she wants. I disagree with the functional use of that particular scripture but I would defend to the death your right to post it. Just keep her muted and go on with your life. I do it all the time.

    3. @Nikki Travis Here we go, what you really want is to be rude and offensive. I didn’t insult you not once. I have to MUTE you as well.

    1. @Donald Anderson wow , that says a lot about where you rate. yet if i can give you a hand up let me know.

  4. He’s not attacking Biden because Biden is a white man just like him. He has no weapons. Both are senior citizens, both fumble their words, atleast with Biden it’s a recognized mistake while speaking. With trump its very obvious he’s in cognitive decline, because his fumbles are involuntarily which is why he goes off into his incoherent rants. With trump it’s clear he lacks basic understanding or knowledge on any subject matter. With trump he shows his intellectual capacity is very limited. With trump it shows he is NOT reachable or teachable. Trump lacks the ability to put things into proper context and lacks perspective. He is not joking, he actually thinks no testing will make the virus go away and of course the numbers will not increase. He ran all his businesses into the ground because he’s a incompetent person. Without his father’s money he would have a different life. This is his version of leading, that walk of shame he did a few nights ago, is something he’s used to doing BEFORE you selected him in DIRECT rebuke to having a black man in the white house for 8 yrs.

    1. Biden is a stuttered. And has worked concerted to over come this issue. So from time to time it interferes with his speaking especially if it is an issue that he has strong emotions about. That is why Biden may fumble. What is Trump’s excuse. He has to work hard to refrain on insults, vulgarity and asinine thinking.

  5. When some people talk about the illness spreading you can see the compassion in their eyes. She’s trying to save lives.

    1. She looks so tired and desperate. These are world renowned scientists being treated shamefully by the President. If they resigned out of protest they would drop a bombshell, which could be more effective than their recommendations.

    2. Stonylurker L
      so she is saying that the People in Alabama are too stupid to wear mask, practice safe distancing, and take
      test? They need a babysitter in Washington DC?

    3. @stoneylurker she’s very compassionate and fights for us everyday even under the circumstances of a republican stronghold.

    4. @Alex Hamilton That’s not what she’s saying. She’s saying the governor opened the state too soon, as did other states in the south. They were not ready and their covid case numbers are showing that to be true.

    5. @M. what is too early when your business is closed and your bank account is dry? You lost your job and have a family to feed?
      It is easy for her to say it because she hasn’t missed a pay check. Have you missed paychecks or have a business closed down?
      I would be willing to bet you if you put it up for a vote in each State opening back up would win. If she ,you and anyone else wants to stay in doors
      that is your right. There really isn’t anything she can do about it anyway except get on camera and fuss.


    1. No brainer for sure. Keep the sick at home and let the healthy continue on. No reason for all this closing!

    2. @Eugene Johnston Most people have none to little symptoms so they may think it’s a common cold. These are also potentially superspreaders. In my country we have free testing for everyone, people must wear a mask in public transport, stores regulate the number of people who are going in.

    3. @Palaven It you are at risk then yes stay at home if you so choose. The faster the virus spreads over the healthy population the faster the vulnerable can be reintroduced to society.

  7. Pence wouldn’t even say wear facemasks…this was at the covid taskforce press conference today… seriously?

    1. Jimusmc0311 All Pence cared about was to stand at the podium (without a mask) and lie to the American people. Then, had the nerve to say “pray”. Another waste of television time. Wow, just wow. Shameful!

    2. Pence is a fake Christian! He is also Trump’s puppet and mannequin to give his lunacy folksiness. Racists Christians hiding behind “conservatism” should be ashamed! Christ said “ there will always be fakes and false prophets that will profess his name and even perform miracles in his name THAT ARE NOT HIS”!!! Wake up white “ evangelicals”! Quit hiding behind “ pro-life” and are willing to see an amoral, evil, vindictive, narscisistic and fake believer destroy this country. COMMON DECENCY WOULD BE GREAT!

  8. United States has become a joke of the world, we don’t even have a real president. we have biff, from back to the future.

    1. Ruthanne Perry yes, unfortunatly you’re true. But we also follow the news close by cause we know there are good people there, trapped inside your asylum, and we feel so anxious for you and cheere and pray for you! The world needs the US to return to sane!!!

    2. @quan Brooklyn kid dude you literally just click on all the MSNBC videos and leave troll comments. You know anyone can click on your name and see all the comments you’ve ever left right. Get a life if you spend all your day watching stuff you don’t like so you could disagree with people who like it then you’re wasting your oxygen

  9. It would not be surprising if that’s one of the reasons trump has been negligent in response to COVID-45.

  10. Pence in briefing for all to social distance to wear mask when he’s the only one not to be a wearing mask, about rallies and the church gathering hides behind “the right to assemble “ DO AS I SAID NOT AS I DO TO HARM YOU !!!

  11. The problem is people not social distancing and not wearing masks got called back to work and went in to check in nobody in the work place wearing a mask

    1. That’s what their leader promoted with his actions. Now he’s trying to take away their health insurance to put the icing on the cake.

  12. Old Bone Spur couldent even run for dog catcher in Russha.After he leaves the usa.He will be out of luck.

  13. Poor woman. She’s smiling while she’s trying not to cry. She wants to get her message out so badly.

    1. @John Hillman Right! Blame her for the spread of coronavirus because when black people in Alabama are dying it’s their own fault! Have you asked yourself how well the Orange blob sitting in the Oval office has run the country during the pandemic?

    2. @Gillian Landry I think you answered the question that I did not ask. Sorry to get in your way.

    3. @Gillian Landry The congresswomen shows care on her face…….something the Orange Moron has no clue about……thanks for telling Hillman off……sounds like an absolute goof

  14. As I recall, the governor of AL chucked while commenting that they are not NY. Look at AL now.

    1. She compared Alabama to California. Even then, we had a higher rate here than California had.

    2. @Silver Sky by Janet and now citizens are suffering due to her ineptitude.

    3. Dignity: Exploring Human Rights in Daily Life Sadly, that isn’t limited to just this pandemic. She and her party have made things awful here.

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