Alabama manhunt for Casey White, Vicky White ends in deadly capture | USA TODAY

Alabama manhunt for Casey White, Vicky White ends in deadly capture | USA TODAY 1


  1. LOVE HOW USA TODAY publishes a video from something that happened a week ago. YOU GUYS ARE ON TOP OF YOUR GAME. LOL. UNSUBSCRIBED.

  2. Of course, any decent person is sorry for her disgrace and death. However, her lust is what killed her. Lust is possibly the most deadly emotion and has started wars, destroyed families, has killed many millions throughout history and will kill many millions more into futurity. That is who we are and nothing can be done about it.

  3. I’ll say this, Florence jail got some FD UP PEOPLE IN THERE RUNNING IT
    And not just with this case…
    I had a very good friend of mine end up in there after running out of his mental health meds for a month…
    He ends up dying due to massive brain trauma.
    The jail tells his mother that he beat his head into the wall, and even have his bunkmate say that he kept trying to call the deputies back there to help him but they said “oh he’ll stop soon enough” or some sht.
    Yet the doctor told his mother that the type of wounds he had on him weren’t matching with that story.. he said some couldn’t have possibly been self inflicted….
    RIP Brandon Spann – it’s foe in da monin! Man i wish we could go get into some trouble one more time in that yellow truck of yours… I’ll see you someday again bro wait for me at the gate!

  4. Can you milk that story for just a few more years. I’m out of formula and mine is getting really low.

  5. Took USA today 2 days to figure out there was no way to blame Trump for this one.
    Damn ya’ll be slippin

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