Alaskan Villages Haven’t Forgotten The Lessons Of 1918—And It May Have Saved Them | All In | MSNBC

Some remote villages in Alaska were decimated by the 1918 flu. So when Covid hit the U.S., they took a lesson from history and went into lockdown right away. Now they are racing to vaccinate as many tribal members as possible to save their villages. NBC News’ Erin McLaughlin has the story. Aired on 03/11/2021.
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Alaskan Villages Haven't Forgotten The Lessons Of 1918—And It May Have Saved Them | All In | MSNBC


    1. Hope that applies to the #GOP Governors taunting early reopening and no mask mandate. Wilfully reckless. #Maryland, #Texas, #Mississppi

    2. @Ndi Mec Texas Attorney General is suing Austin Mayor for REFUSING TO LIFT the mask mandate. SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM. FASCIST … that’s what they are.

  1. The fact that the corona could make it all the way to a village in Alaska…even after they were taking precautions just goes to show how aggressively this virus spreads.

    1. @Andy Smitty
      It was found in seattle by a lab that did testing in Nov. They did not know it was covid-19 at that point but had notified the feds. The feds told them to stop testing for it.
      That’s why the west coast went nuts with it and started voluntary isolation.
      But we all know it was brewing else where.
      I just wish people would not have been so stupid about wearing masks.

    2. @Denise Weick of all the things to “turn political”, that was one of 2 things that infuriated me, that and the lessor flu, that’s is still 30x more deadly to this date.

      Course, Trump said he wasn’t going to get the vaccine, for us to find out he actually got it 3 days before saying he wasn’t going to get it… I’m still to this day do not understand wtf his goal was in denying and lying, especially after most states and cities were putting social distancing and mask orders.

    3. @Andy Smitty Populace is easily controlled when a disease like this spreads, the more it spreads the more we have to stay inside to mitigate it therefore we can’t protest actual freedoms like the right to vote being taken away.

    4. @Andy Smitty His goal was always to stay in power and he politicized covid so he would never admit to getting the vaccine. The reporting was he didn’t want to admit having it but he was almost put on a ventilator so they had no choice. When he got out of the hospital that whole charge up the steps, despite everyone being able to see how hard he was struggling to breathe, so he could dramatically rip the mask off was all for his fan base.

      As to goals, he didn’t have one. He never wanted to govern and never put any effort into doing so. This was just the first national crisis that really made that clear to everyone but if you examine his response to things like the hurricane in PR it’s clear he had no interest in doing anything.

    5. @Ken Shaw I absolutely agree and believe the same 100%! Honestly I’m surprised that he didn’t lob some paper towels in an icu to a bunch of people on vents and claim mission accomplished!

  2. Please don’t call it the Spanish Flu, better to call it the 1918 flu. It never started in Spain. If you really want to call it from where it started, you could call it the Kansas flu. But that would be as bad as calling this pandemic the Wuhan flu.

  3. Translation: there’s no white people waiving their arrogant privileges in those villages, that’s why no one is the community learn to follow rules and survive the pandemic.

  4. Native peoples keep history sacred . Lessons learned are not forgotten . They are passed thru generations as priceless wisdom . Tools to be used for the betterment of each one to come . While the country obsesses over red hats & who to blame , these people used the knowledge given them . And w/o fanfare kept their population healthy .

  5. Covid isn’t about you. It’s about who you infect without even knowing it. You could be a killer and not even know it. That’s why most seem ok with it as they don’t see the repercussions of their actions. Their weak minded desperation makes them think they should care about their own bs instead of everyone else’s.

  6. 1918, talk about “make America great again”!!!
    That was the last year that we hung insurrectionists!!!

  7. Chinese hospitals are overloaded, even though their lockdowns are more authoritarian than ours. Doesn’t that mean lockdown doesn’t help?

  8. There is voluminous information and documentation of the 1918 flu pandemic. The areas in the US hardest hit were those that refused to take it seriously until too late. Trump and his Republitards decided to ignore history and make the same mistakes again. Pathetic.

  9. Too bad most Americans don’t know their history. Most could not tell you about polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, chicken pox, German measles.

    1. I had the mumps , chicken pox , the measles & was told i had scarlet fever . Don’t have any memory of it .

  10. Scant attention to what measures were taken to protect these communities does a disservice to your audience. Canada’s North also had few cases of Covid-19. So, why not make a comparison with other Northern responses to this pandemic? Would that require more news resources than a interview with one aboriginal leader, and, a lot of visuals? Something better than sound bites?

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