1. I’m happy gm he lived but the qu estion that should be in everyone’s mind is.. Why?? Why would any one hitch rides during a winter? Could he not wait for a ride? Take a bus? If he was broke… Could he still not have waited???

    1. I did the same thing when I was 21. I hitched from Montreal to Banff in January back in 1991. The difference is I had a pack with mountaineering equipment, tent, winter sleeping bag, etc. I slept outside often but it’s no big deal if you’re prepared.

    2. @Alien sounds like a great journey. Driven it many times but you really went old school 1970’s style 👍

  2. Open carry in Canada like in the states. Makes for a polite society and reduces crime and victim rates. Even out the odds a bit so to speak.

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